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Unshrinkit Co.

No description

Bardya Bob

on 7 June 2018

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Transcript of Unshrinkit Co.

-Product Details
-Financial Data
-Income Statement
-Budget Distribution
What is The Unshrinkable?
-We wanted to create a revolutionary product that stands out.

-Our product is a liquid laundry detergent mix that prevents you clothes from shrinking or deteriorating in the dryer.

-It is a consumable and one of a kind product meaning buyers will continuously purchase it.
We are asking for $200,000 for 10% equity our company
Income Statement
Profit Margins
Cost for 1 litre bottle: 7 cents-bottle 16 cents-adhesive and cover $2.19-detergent and anti shrink formula. = $2.42

Retail: $11.99

Margins: 11.99 - 2.42 = +$9.57 per bottle sold

Our company is classified under the secondary industry segment since we "light-manufacture" goods.
*With the money YOU will give us
The Unshrinkable
-Manufacturing Techniques
-Promotional Strategies
"Eliminates the stink, and the shrink"
Along with $0.50 for every product sold until you make back 50% of the loan (royalty)
With that, we'll leave you to decide if you would like to negotiate alternative offers.
*Values may be inflated due to season.
We are competing in a niche market so we only have 2 major competitors.

Ultrasonic Dryers: Indirect

-Ultrasonic dryers dry clothes by slowly turning the clothes

-This is a far longer process and many consumers would not go out of their way to buy an inconvenient new laundry set.
Unshrinkit: Indirect
-Their company does not invest as much in promotion and advertising
- Product is only compatible with certain laundry machine sets

-The product ruins any material other than cashmere and linen
Jacksonville, FL
We hope making these changes will help globalize the brand and creating new opportunities for the future.
Business Card
Promotional Material
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