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Group Think

No description

Kimberly Gutierrez

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Group Think

Group Think
What is Groupthink?
Groupthink is a term coined by social psychologist Irving Janis in 1972. Groupthink occurs when a homogenous highly cohesive group is so concerned with maintaining unanimity that they fail to evaluate all their alternatives and options. Groupthink members see themselves as part of an in-group working against an outgoing opposed to their goals.
8 Main Symptoms of GroupThink
Illusion of invulnerability
Collective Rationalization
Illusion of Morality
Excessive Stereotyping
Pressure for Conformity
illusion of Unanimity
Groupthink History
Negative Outcomes of GroupThink
Encourage members to speak their opinions
Requiring the group to develop multiple scenarios of events upon which they are acting
Seeking input from experts outside the group
Refraining from stating their preferences at the onset of the groups activities
Kimberly Gutierrez
Emanuel Baldwin
Alexandra Bickett
Christine Gould
Examining few alternatives
Not being critical of each others ideas
Not examining early alternatives
Not seeking expert opinion
Being highly selective in gathering information
Not having contingency plans
Charles Manson
Born on November 12, 1934
The Manson Family
July 1969 - Gary Hinman is killed by Manson follower Bobby Beausoleil, accompanied by Manson Family members Mary Brunner and Susan Atkins.
August 8-9, 1969 - At Manson's command, a small group of his most ardent followers brutally murder five people at the Benedict Canyon home of director Roman Polanski, near Hollywood.
August 9-10, 1969 - the group comes upon the house of supermarket executive Leno LaBianca and his wife, Rosemary. The couple are brutally murdered by Watson, Atkins, Krenwinkel and Van Houten.
October 1969 - Manson and his followers are arrested at another remote location, called Barker Ranch, on suspicion of auto theft. 1947 - At age 12, Charles Manson is sent to Gibault School for Boys in Terre Haute, Indiana, for stealing.

December 8, 1969 - Manson, Watson, Atkins, Krenwinkel and Kasabian are indicted for the murders of Sharon Tate and her friends. The grand jury also indicts the five, plus Van Houten, for the LaBianca murders.
June 16, 1970 - Trial begins for Manson, Atkins, Krenwinkel and Van Houten.
-- Manson appears in court with an "X" carved into his forehead.
-- He defends himself in court with the help from attorney Irving Kanarek.
August 1970 - Linda Kasabian is given immunity in exchange for her testimony against Manson and the others.
January 15, 1971 - After a seven-month trial, jury deliberations begin. The jury finds all the defendants guilty on January 25.
March 29, 1971 - Manson, Krenwinkle, Atkins and Van Houten receive the death penalty.
1971 - Charles "Tex" Watson is found guilty of the murders of seven people and is sentenced to death.

The motive:
the primary motive was Helter Skelter: Manson's belief that he could start a race war and personally gain from it. But certainly, there was the connection between Manson's anger at Terry Melcher and the crimes committed on his former property. the "Helter Skelter" crimes were committed at that particular house because Charlie wanted to pay back the residents for rejecting him and scare the daylights out of Melcher for not backing his recording career.

Charles Life of Crime
http://www.cnn.com/2013/09/30/us/manson-family-murders-fast-facts/. Manson family murders fast facts. CNN library

http://www.crimelibrary.com/serial_killers/notorious/manson/21.html. Charles Manson and the Manson family. Marilyn Bardsley .

His followers believed he was a man of vision and that he, without question, was Jesus and there was a pending Armageddon as stated in the bible
In Manson’s eyes he and his followers would be safe from Armageddon because of their hiding place in the desert. They felt they needed to initiate the race war in order for them to reap the benefits.

Charles Manson. (2014). The Biography Channel website. Retrieved 11:43, Feb 10, 2014, from http://www.biography.com/people/charles-manson-9397912.

His visions included a belief that after the race war African Americans would triumph. The Manson family felt they needed to mentor them because they would 'lack experience' to run the planet.
Charles Manson Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story - Biography.com. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.biography.com/people/charles-manson-9397912

Hel·ter-skel·ter [hel-ter-skel-ter] adverb1.in headlong and disorderly haste: The children ran helter-skelter all over the house.

2.in a haphazard manner; without regard for order: Clothes were scattered helter-skelter about the room.adjective

3.carelessly hurried; confused: They ran in a mad, helter-skelter fashion for the exits.4.disorderly; haphazard: Books and papers were scattered on the desk in a helter-skelter manner.noun5.tumultuous disorder; confusion.Origin: 1585–95; rhyming compound, perhaps based on *skelt, Middle English skelten to hasten (< ?); reduplication with initial h parallel to hubble-bubble, higgledy-piggledy, etc
Helter skelter is the name of a ride in a theme park in Great Britain.

It is also the name of a song in the Beatles album title Beatles.

Manson believed that a war race war was about happen between blacks and whites. He connect the lyrics to the song Helter Skelter with the book of revelations is the bible to form his apocalyptic beliefs
The Helter Skelter theory

Guinn, J. (2013). Manson: The life and times of Charles Manson. New York: Simon & Schuster.

Helter Skelter Theory [Video file]. (n.d.). Retrieved from Youtube
Motivation and Leadership
Professor Jones
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