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Chicken Wing Dissection

No description

Phoebe Lu

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Chicken Wing Dissection

Pink tissue bundled around the bones
Connected to the bones with tendons
Helps the chicken move
Shiny and smooth, white in colour, firm, slippery
Located underneath the bones, attached to bones
Works to let the bones move without grinding against each other
Attaches the muscles and the bones
White in colour, shiny
Made of tissue
Helping the Chicken Move
When we pulled on the triceps muscle, the chicken wing extended
When we pulled on the bicep muscle, the wing retracted
How They Work Together
The tendons work with the muscles and bones by attaching said muscles and bones so that the wing will move when the muscles move
The cartilage works with the bones and acts as a cushion so the bones don't grind against each other; and it makes movement much smoother
The joints work with the bones by connecting two different bones together to help the chicken move
How They Work Together
The bones work with all the parts of the chicken wing because they give support and shape to the wing and all the muscles, tendons, ligaments etc in it so they can work as a cohesive group and move
The ligaments work with the bones by connecting them so they don't fall apart when the chicken moves
The muscles work with the bones and tendons. The tendons attach the bones and the muscles together and the bones help support the muscle
Consists of two bones connected together
Shiny and white in colour
Appear to connects the joints and other bones together
Whiteish, shiny
Key Structures
How They Work Together
Key Structures
Chicken Wing Dissection
By Phoebe Lu
J: Cartilage
Whiteish in colour
Structure and support of wing, surrounded by muscle
Bones: G, F, D, A, I
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