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Ben's Capstone Colloquium

No description

Ben Helms

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Ben's Capstone Colloquium

capstone colloquium philosophy of student affairs by Ben Helms personal STRENGTHS IN THE FIELD FURTHER DEVELOPMENT FUTURE WORK IN STUDENT AFFAIRS Empowering Students through Self-Authorship (Baxter Magolda, 2001)
Diversifying the University Experience (Sue and Sue, 2007)
Voice for the Marginalized (Chickering, 1993; Sanford, 1967) personal STRENGTHS IN THE FIELD PHILOSOPHY OF STUDENT AFFAIRS Visionary Leadership Through Mentorships
Quality Programming & Student Involvement
Effective Campus & Community Relationships
Technology & Efficient Student Communication Visionary Leadership Taking Initiative
Projects and Programs
Mentoring Relationships quality programming Effective Campus and
Community Relationships Communiversity (campus activities)
LA-Term (urban immersion)
Student Involvement (Astin, 1984) Getting Out & Meeting People
More Than Just Networking
Site Visits and Programs Technology Web, Logo, Poster, T-Shirt, Brochure Design
More Than Just a Hobby or a Passion
A Better Way to Learn In and Out of the Classroom Thank you to everyone who supported, encouraged and challenged me along the way! further development Diversify Experience Amidst Different Offices on Campus
Multicultural Counseling (Sue & Sue, 2007)
Assessment & Evaluation (Quantitative Analysis) to my capstone WELCOME
Enjoy some fine food and refreshments ...we'll get started shortly
Thanks for coming! to my capstone colloquium Enjoy the rest of the delightful food & Good luck in all your endeavors any Questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions? [ starting with the committee ] Chuck Strawn Astin, A. W. (1984). Student Involvement: A Developmental Theory for Higher Education.
Journal of College Student Development, 25(1), 297-308.

Baxter Magolda, M. B. (2001). Making their own way: Narratives for transforming
higher education to promote self-development. Sterling, VA.: Stylus.

Bryant, Alyssa N. & Astin, Helen S. (2008). The Correlates of Spiritual Struggle During the
College Years. The Journal of Higher Education, 79(1), 1-27.

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Harper and Row.

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opportunities on leadership training programmes. Retrieved from

Helms, Janet E. (1990). Black and white racial identity: Theory, research, and practice.
Westport, CT: Praeger.

Henning, Gavin. (2007). What happens if others find out? About Campus, 12(3), 26-29.

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for Student Services (67-78). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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New York, NY: Atherton Press.

Schlossberg, N.K. (1997). A model of worklife transitions: Career transitions in
turbulent times. Greensboro, NC: Eric Counseling & Student Services Clearinghouse.

Sue, Derald Wing and Sue, David. (2007) Counseling the culturally diverse: Theory
and practice. New York, NY: John Wiley and Sons.

Williams, Lee Burdette. (1998). Behind Every Face is a Story. About Campus, 3(1), 16-21. references (a) references (B) Anita Henck Sharyn Slavin Miller & for more of this goodness
check out: www.benhelms.com/ccsd/capstone thanks to my capstone committee As Well... (Sanford, 1967) FUTURE WORK IN STUDENT AFFAIRS Residence Life vs. Starbucks
Challenging & Supporting Students (Sanford, 1967)
Living Life Together
Urban Programming

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