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Chinese Olympians

Global Studies 5/6

Kelly Hawk

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Chinese Olympians

Kelly Hawk Chinese Olympians Chinese Olympic Gymnast Scandal Chinese Olympic Drug Scandal Their impact on the global community At the 1994 Asian games, eleven Chinese athletes tested positive for dihydrotestosterone.
They had just won 12 out of 16 women's titles at the 1994 championships.
Since 1990, over forty Chinese athletes have failed drug tests. Gene Doping Gene doping is where a person's genetic makeup is changed by inserting more genes into a person's bone of muscle cells.
It is unsure if any Olympic athletes have actually used this method of gene doping. But, there is a high availability of this in China. If all Chinese culture were going to be wiped away by some cataclismic communist event, but one could stay, Chinese Olympians would be the part of culture to remain. Athletes must be sixteen years old to compete, according to Olympic rules.
The age limit was set in the 1990s to protect younger athletes from stunting their body growth because of too much training.
Chinese gymnast competitors are on average 3.5 inches shorter than an American gymnast and about 30 pounds lighter.
Chinese officials have provided passports with the girls ages on them, showing that they are of the age to compete legally. But, documents found online from previous competitions involving the girls, have shown that the girls are younger than their passports say.
There is no way to formally decide on whether this gymnast's are the age they say they are, or a younger age. We may never know for sure.

The Olympics are a part of the global community. It shows countries coming together to participate in games. The Olympic Rings are a very important and meaningful symbol. They stand to represent the union of five continents. If a cataclismic event were to wipe out parts of Chinese culture, the Olympics must be the one event to stay. With the Olympics, there is unity among countries and if this were to be taken away, China would stand apart from the rest and not be showing their support to the rest of the world.
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