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Human Centered Design - CLall

Human Centered Design on the Web

Christina Lall

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Human Centered Design - CLall

Human Centered Design
Christina Lall
IDT 501-35W If you have never visited the H&M clothing
retailer's site before, the first page you
land on, is the "Choose a Country" page. COHERENCE & TRANSPARENCY
No cloaking here, once you click on the centered picture on the main page, you are taken directly to the Jet Set Style Guide. Easy Navigation to the
"Ways to Wear It" sections. Arrow to
slide to
the next page INCLUSIVENESS: The site invites you to take part in familiar activities Lets you "drive", by creating
your own style with the
clothing in a user-friendly
drag and drop technique.

This gives the User options to share their "creation" on their
own blog, print a wish list,
or buy the item. In the fashion world, which can be seen as an exclusive crowd,this fashion site breaks that barrier and says to the visitor: Yes, you too can dress like a high-fashion Jet-Setter with clothes that will not hurt your wallet.

The site makes you feel like you're part of the community with activties such as creating your own style with the given pieces, and trying the different looks on virtual models in their style studio online. Visitors are challenged to change how they see the collection, to move away from the formed ideas of how to put together the pieces, and use the "create your own style" tools to deconstruct those ideas, mixing and matching the pieces to create personal style. Engagement:
Be a part of
the process! Ownership Where does the H&M site
fall short with regards to Human
Centered Design?
Each person visiting the site can feel like they own their shopping experience
by actively participating in it. However, the site does fall short in this area,
more on that in a moment... 1. Ownership: On any other fashion site they not only show prices for clothing, but you can actually purchase the items you want...

On the H&m site, you can only window shop, there is NO shopping cart feature. 2. Responsiveness: You are limited to only
female oriented options when styling a female model, you cannot borrow an accessory from the guys side, even if it can be worn by both genders, and would enhance your design. No Sharing Purpose: H&M's site meets the
audience's purpose of finding
what is in style and viewing
varied options given what
is in season. 3. No Panoramic Views, to get a sense of the BIG PICTURE... Instead, you have to piece together your own mental image of what the big picture is using your "polaroids" and snippets of info gathered from the different areas of the site: Transcendence:
Moving above and beyond the
"right here, right now"....
The information and designs
gathered can be used in other places.

The "Create your own Style" area lets you drag
and drop pieces from the Spring collection to create
an unique image. H&M will email you the image code which
can be embedded in a personal blog posting. Human Centered Design makes the user/viewer the
star of the show. The site invites you to be a part of the process
by creating looks in their virtual studio. A review of the international
retail fashion site for
Hennes & Mauritz:
http://www.hm.com/us/ With the "Choose a Country" on-screen option, the site changes based on which country you choose, and it saves this information so that each time you visit the site, it always shows the text in that language. The site is immediately sensetive to the audience's culture. Vogue Editor in Chief:
Anna Wintour Style Icon Audrey Hepburn MALLEABILITY: First Then Final Product The End!
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