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The Golden Ratio

No description

Lauren Tastet

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of The Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio
In Nature
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In Advertising
Earliest use seems to be Great Pyramids in 2560 BC
First identified by Euclid, "father of geometry" (365-350 BC)
Also known as golden cut, golden mean, Phi, the divine section, the golden proportion, the divine proportion
Golden ratio is 1:Phi
Scholars suggest that this ratio is visually pleasing because our eyes can interpret the proportion more rapidly than other proportions
Controversial whether the golden ratio determines beauty

In Art and Architecture
Bottle Labels
Font size, Line Height and Line Width
Web Layout
Movie Advertisement
Dove Evolution Campaign
Human Face
L= Line Height, F=Font Size
When H is equal to 1.618 it is said that the text is MOST visibly pleasing.
Which one has the golden ratio?
Which one has the golden ratio?
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