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The battle of Marathon

No description

Matthew Haley

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of The battle of Marathon

The battle of Marathon
The battle of marathon
The battle of marathon took place in about 490 BC.
It was fought between Athens and Persia.
Darius the great
Darius was the king of Persia. he ruled all The Persian empire for about 36 years.
Datis was a soldier from the Persian empire. Fought in the battle as commander.
Artaphernes was the brother of Darius the great. fought in the battle as a leader.
Callimachus was a greek warrior.
Fought in the battle as a leader.
By: Tony
Due: 1/21/14

People who fought in the battle
Miltiades was the son
of Cimon Coalemos. Fought in the battle as commander.
Battle of marathon video
Who won the battle?
I think Athenian won the battle because they had the following item:
good tactic
good armor
good weapon
Turing Points?
The turing point in this battle is when the Athenian decide to put the weaker soldier in the middle and the stronger soldier on the corner.
Terrain and tactical advantage
Where the battle took place
In my opinion the Athenian had terrain advantage because they were fighting downhill and the Persian were fighting uphill.
Why is the battle still discussed or studied today?
I think that the battle is still discussed today because of tactics that were used in the battle. And also because it was the foundation of the battle of Thermopylae.
what would happen is the Persian won the battle?
I think that the battle of Thermopylae wouldn't existed and the greek states would never unified.
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