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Copy of Veterans Day

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Kevin Masters

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Veterans Day

Remembering Our Veterans
American Revolution
U.S. Soldiers served: 217,000
U.S. Soldiers wounded: 6188
U.S. Soldiers killed: 4435
The War of 1812
1812- 1815
U.S. Soldiers served: 35,800
U.S. Soldiers wounded: 4505
U.S. Soldiers killed in action: 2260
The Civil War
1861- 1865
U.S./Confederate Soldiers served: 3,211,207
U.S./Confederate Soldiers wounded: 476,000
U.S./Confederate Soldiers killed: 625,000
U.S. Soldiers served: 306,760
U.S. Soldiers wounded: 1662
U.S. Soldiers killed: 2446
World War I
U.S. Soldiers served: 4,734,991
U.S. Soldiers wounded: 204,002
U.S. Soldiers killed: 116,516
World War II
1941- 1945
U.S. Soldiers served: 16,112,566
U.S. Soldiers wounded: 670,846
U.S. Soldiers killed: 291,557
Korean War
U.S. Soldiers served: 1,789,000
U.S. Soldiers wounded: 103,289
U.S. Soldiers killed: 33,739
Vietnam Conflict
U.S. Soldiers served: 3,403,000
U.S. Soldiers wounded: 153,303
U.S. Soldiers killed: 58,209
Invasion of Grenada
Operation Urgent Fury
U.S. Soldiers served- 7300
U.S. Soldiers wounded- 116
U.S. Soldiers killed- 18
Invasion of Panama
"Operation Just Cause"
Dec 1989
U.S. Soldiers served: 27,600
U.S. Soldiers wounded: 325
U.S. Soldiers killed: 23
The Gulf War
Operation Desert Storm
1990- 1992
U.S. Soldiers served- 2,225,000
U.S. Soldiers wounded- 849
U.S. Soldiers killed- 258
Somalia Conflict
"Operation Restore Hope"
October 1993
U.S. Soldiers served- 5300
U.S Soldiers wounded- 153
U.S. Soldiers killed- 43
Iraq (War on Terror)
2003- 2009
U.S. Soldiers served- 112,000
U.S. Soldiers wounded- 31,965
U.S. Soldiers killed- 4800
Afghanistan (War on Terror)
U.S. Soldiers served: 45,000
U.S. Soldiers wounded: 18,500
U.S. Soldiers killed: 2229
American Revolution
1775- 1783
Spanish-American War

The students and staff of Dana L. West High School are grateful for the sacrifices of our veterans. Their service has allowed our country to endure for over 200 years.

Thank you.
Your contributions will never be forgotten!
Dana L. West
Veteran's Day 2013
The students and staff want to recognize the contributions of our nation's veteran. Our nation endures thanks to your selfless service.
Thank you. You will never be forgotten!
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