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Welcome to Ms. Wilson's Art Room

Presenting procedures, projects and possibilities...

Kari Wilson

on 19 August 2017

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Transcript of Welcome to Ms. Wilson's Art Room

A Few Procedures, Policies and Rules
Welcome to Art!
photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr
Bring to class...
a great attitude
pencil & planner.
Don't bring...

backpack, string bag
hoods 'n hats
food or pop
a negative attitude
Be There
On time
Enter the room quietly
Pencil and Planner
One tardy per semester.
What a Body Needs!
water in: water bottle
water out: planner pass
6 "outs" per term
Naughty or Nice?
Discipline Tickets
Home calls
SRC plan
Be Ready
Get Sketchbook from storage closet
Read the White Board
Get Started on Quiet Reflection
Be Responsible
Get what you need
Use what you need
share with others
take care of equipment
Be Respectful
Do your share!
Everyone cleans 'til the cleanings done!
Always help others.
Dismissal by inspection - not the clock!
School wide rules
Know the handbook
Art Room Rule
Your classmates
The environment

Art Club
Meets TH 2:30-4:00
Late Bus for in-district
Everyone Welcome
no sign up just show up
Open studio format
Contests &
Spring Show
Due Dates Announced.
Art Kits
Some supplies and equipment are available for check-out.

Enter the room quietly
Keep hands and feet to yourself at all times.
Listen attentively.
Raise your hand to speak.
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp Scholarships available!
What is Art?
Making Stuff!!!
Open Studio!
Open Studio Days!
Digital Art
Design eg Fashion, architecture, even Minecraft
Manga/ cartooning
Sculpture/ Construction
You Are the Artist!
You Choose!
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