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How have unions helped us?

This is a high school presentation about union members, the advantages of belonging to a union, and how unions have helped shape society for the better.

Jennifer Huang

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of How have unions helped us?

Take a yes or no guess!
Who Belongs to Unions?
Ontario Farm Worker
Radio Broadcaster
Subway Conductor
Domestic Worker
Police Officer
Hotel Workers
Fast Food Workers
Postal Worker
Why DO people join Unions?
What have unions ever done for us?
You may have heard the terms, associations & federations, which are similar to unions - the point is to provide collective protection
Problems with working relationships - with supervisor/employer, or racial/sexual harassment
Problems with working conditions - long hours, unequal pay, threats to health & safety
Workers' rights violations, exploitation or injustice
It's about fairness!!
Health & safety

Lots of the gains made by unions have benefited ALL of us
The 8-hour workday
The weekends

Workers' compensation

Vacation Pay
Maternity Leave
Public education

Presentation made by Jennifer Huang
Presentation adapted from the Ontario Federation of Labour's Talking Union
For more information, contact campaigns@labourcouncil.ca
Retail Store Workers
Grocery Check-out Clerk
Hockey Player
Let's look at an example of what school conditions would be like without the union
1. Join the Canadian Media Guild with production by MyFilms Production
Video Credits:
3. The School Zone by OSSTF
2. What Have American Unions Ever Done for Us? by MoveOn Creative
And the fight for social justice continues today.....
Economic equality for women
Labour Fights AIDS
Good Jobs For All
$10 Minimum Wage Campaign
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