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WordCamp Toronto


jeremy wright

on 27 March 2010

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Transcript of WordCamp Toronto

Blogging and Social Media I'm on a Horse vs Two Angry Camels in a Tiny Car How Social Media #FAILs #wccamels @jeremywright #storytimewithjeremy the evolution of #jerbear #whattimeisit? #lolwut? #yeahno... It's... #DEMOTIME! #socialmediafails we think we're this: when really we're this: #howwefail Spamming Mob Mentality Twinterns Followers #thecult Free Stuff Automation = evil Broadcasting !=
engagement Assholery as Insight "If you don't use
Twitter, I'm sorry,
but you're an IDIOT"
-- Scott Stratten,
@unmarketing Acting like we
DESERVE it... loren feldman
jason calacanis
michael arrington
#10wayssocialmediafails twitter DM spam comment spam conference spam session spam #motrinmoms Social Media Terrorists? ie: Twitter Interns Bonus: hypocrisy #filtering101 Stay Away If... Someone is talking more than they're listening
You're being more MEDIA than SOCIAL
There are more tweets than eye contact
Someone approaches you with a business card in hand
You even HEAR the word "leverage" Just Remember... Listen more than you talk
Give more than you get (and don't get UNTIL you give)
It's SOCIAL media, not social MEDIA
Don't paint the old as new
Don't steal
Things are always easier from the outside #howtofindme #jerbear T: @jeremywright
S: jeremy_wright
F: facebook.com/fbjeremy
E: jeremy@76design.com
C: 416 726 3602 #THANKYOU!
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