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Nintendo Marketing Mix

No description

Deaira Scarborough

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Nintendo Marketing Mix



the world’s largest video game company by revenue.
Nintendo’s original logo color was grey before the current color red was adopted in 2006


The Marketing Mix of Nintendo
By: Deaira Scarborough
Play it loud

Nintendo’s target market is to people of all age groups Nintendo provides variety to the people who buy their products.
( Currently in the process of making more products aimed towards female players)

Who is the target market?




Nintendo uses a Branding strategy to move away from their high-tech competition
Nintendo gets their products to consumers through indirect channels where intermediaries (Wholesalers & Retailers) make the product available to the consumers.

Nintendo adopted a Market Penetration pricing strategy for their products to better their sales in the heavy competition between the 360 and PS3
Cost-Based Pricing
Because Nintendo products are technologically inferior to the technology used in the X-Box and the PS3 it allows Nintendo to sell their products at a cheaper price.

Slogan- Play it loud
(1889-1956) originally named Nintendo Koppai
In 1963 Nintendo was renamed from Nintendo playing card co. Ltd. To Nintendo Co. Ltd.

Japanese Multinational consumer electronics company
world’s largest video game company by income with a current market value of $85 billion
The company mostly focuses on the production and manufacturing of their video games consoles.
Coupons and rebates
Nintendo offers points cards for some of their products
(encourage consumers to make purchase online through their website)
Fan Club
- allows consumers to test out the games through one of the many promotional ventures
Social Media

1. High dependence on few gaming titles unlike a few leading competitors
2. Brand hasn't established itself in the emerging economies
3. Limitations of enforcing intellectual property rights in some regions has led to growth of counterfeit products

1. High threat of substitutes - The growing trend of Online and Mobile gaming can prove to be a threat to both, the hand held and console gaming
2. Changing Industry Environment
3. Lack of diversification outside the video games design field
4. High proportion of overseas sales has exposed the company to risks relating to fluctuation in foreign exchange rates.

The Conclusion
The history that i learned about Nintendo was very informative for me. i learned a lot about it's way of marketing that i didn't know and i also learned how to use prezi.
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