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How Techmology Shook Up the Music Industry

No description

다혜 김

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of How Techmology Shook Up the Music Industry

Detail 1
Today, it is not unusual to see a man who seems to be talking to himself as he walks along the street. He is talking to some kind of small device, like as cell phone or a recording device. These small devices have changed many aspects of modern society and culture. Technology has affected the way people interact with others, consume products, and offer new products to the market.
Detail 2
Detail 4
Things are different today. Now people have MP3 players or other small digital music devices. These devices have changed quite a bit the way people listen to music. People can store more songs than they could ever hope to listen to on a device that fits in ther pocket. People also buy music on the internet rather than buying albums from music stores. The Internet has opened up a whole new world of music to many listeners. These days, a wider variety of music is accessible to all music lovers. People no longer have to rely on the radio for access to new music.
Technology has clear effects on the way people interact with others. Consider earphones and the devices to which they attach, for world. Listeners can then create a personal space where they have control over the inputs. When earphones are visible, they send a clear message to others not to interact with the wearer. Wearers can progress through their day without actually communicating with those around them. Portable music players also ensure that people never have to be alone with own thoughts. Silence makes many people uncomfortable. Music players provide entertainment and noise to fill every waking moment. Listeners don't have to worry about either getting caught up in their own thoughts or engaging in communication with others.
Advances in technology have also changed the way people consume products. Take music, for example. People used to listen to the radio to learn about new artists. When they heard something they liked, they would drop by the record store and buy an album. Buyers would then take the album home to listen to it. Perhaps they would admire the artwork on the album cover while listening. When getting together with friends, people often talked about artists and albums that were popular. People related to each other through a shared taste in music. Some even got together just to listen to music and swap albums.
Detail 3
Detail 5
Selling music on the Internet has affected not only listeners but artists as well. For artists who rely primarily on record companies to market their songs and albums, the Internet has brought changes for the worse. Many big name artists believe they have lost money because of the Internet. On the positive side, lesser known musicians have more direct access to consumers because of the Internet. In fact, artists no longer have to deal with record companies at all. For some artists, this fact has been quite liberating. They feel freer now to create the music they want to create. Their music is no longer controlled by companies that are more interested in the bottom line than in the music itself. Thus, the Internet has clearly reshaped the music industry for producers and consumers alike. It has opened up a whole new world of music to both artists and listeners.
How Technology Shook Up the Music Industry
-a part or feature
-to use or expend
-a sound receiver that

fits in or over your ear
-to talk or do things
with other people

-easily carried or
-a thing made for a
particular purpose
- to set free
- able to be seen
1.Earphones allow listeners to shut themselves off from the world.
2.These days, people have to listen to the radio to find new music
3.MP3 players can store only a few songs at a time.

4.Some record companies are primarily concerned with making a profit.
5.MP3 players ensure that listeners never have to be alone with their own thoughts.
1. Which of the following best describes the purpose of this passage?

2.Based on the tone of the passage, which of the following best describes the writer's opinion regarding the world of modern music?

3.Which of the following is not indicated in paragraph 1?
Technology makes it easier for less skilled musicians to sound professional.
Technology has affected the way we interacte with others.
To explore the ways technology has influnced music
Technology has affected almost every device of our modern lives. It affects the way we consume products and the way we interact with others, Many of these effects are positive. Sometimes, though, technology can have a negative effect on our lives by cutting us off from other people. Technology can be exciting and useful, but we should be careful not to allow electronic aspect to take the place of real human interaction.
1. Advances in technology have also changed the way people consume products.
(A) buy and use

2. For some artists, this fact has been quite liberating.
(A) freeing

3.Portable music players also ensure that people never have to be alone with their own thoughts.
(B) comparable
1. That robot can interact and communicate with humans.

2. Technology's effect on people is the device of the issue that interests me the most.

3. This aspect helps to ensure that her heart beats regularly.

4. I asked my sister if she would swap her watch for my radio.

5. The band brought a portable stage with them wherever they went.

6. My mother asked me to wear earphones so she didn't have to hear the music.

7. Because everything was so dry, the fire consumed the forest in a matter of hours.
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