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No description

Kiara Goffi

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of Theatre

The Theater
The Theater is a way of communicating
while you act, you have to memorize many lines depending on the character you have been given.
The Characters
The Story
Every play needs a story because you cannot say something that doesnt make sence with another line.
The Title
Every play needs a title because then it cannot be compared or classyfied with other plays.
Also it needs a title to attrack people and to
know who might like it.
Lines and Jobs
You need... well, actors needs a line. (something you have to say in the show)
Theres persons that help with the makeup, lights,sound etc and they are very important.
When you are in a play you will have
mates of acting (mother,father,brother,sister,friend etc.)
Now watch this video
Thank You for your Time!!!!!!!!!!
By: Kiara Goffi
Example of a theater
The director is a very important of
theatre because this person directs
the play. It needs to be directed because
if nobody does it will ba a total desaster.
Backstage is very important because if your an actor you need a place that you leave your stuff
and prepare yourself with makeup, clothes etc
Author/Play writer
The author or play writer is important
because it wrote all the script... and
without a script there wouldn"t be
entertaining and if wasn"t entertaining
few people would go to see the play,
and if that happened that play would
be a total desaster.
The public is very important
because they are the ones
that have to be impresed by.
And they are the ones to
pay to see the play.
The stage is very important
because its the place that is
used to act.
Tipes of theatre
There are:
Comedy: a play that is based
on a happy ending.
Tragedy: a play based on a sad
Satire: a play based on making fun
of people.
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