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The Element Titanium

No description

Therese Estrada

on 1 August 2014

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Transcript of The Element Titanium

The symbol of Titanium is **TI**. Also the atomic number of Titanium is "22". Here are some images of the symbol and atomic number from the Titanium.
The symbol and the Atomic Number of Titanium
The Element



The Atomic mass number of Titanium is 47.867. Here is a chart of The Element Titanium.
The Atomic mass number of Titanium
What does Titanium look like and what type of matter is it ?
Titanium is a metal that is formed from minerals found in igneous rock and is only found in combination. Because it is as strong at steel but much lighter and able to handle temperatures as high as 1000 degrees. Here are uses for titanium. Titanium is used for: airplanes, medical equipment, jewelry and paint.
What is Titanium used for ?
Can Titanium be found in nature ?
Who discovered Titanium and when was it found and how did it gets its name ?

Titanium is as strong as steel, but 45% lighter

Titanium is 30% more elastic than steel
Titanium is resistant to salt water, perspiration and acids.

Titanium has a "low magnetic signature" reducing visibility to metal detectors
Titanium does not become magnetized
Titanium can only be worked with extremely hard tools
Titanium has an extremely high melting point of 1800 degrees Celsius

Titanium is believed to be the earth's crust's 9th most common element ( about 0.6% )
Titanium does not occur in nature as a metal
Interesting facts about Titanium.
Here are pictures of the symbol titanium and a microscopic picture.
Images of Titanium
William Gregor
Martin Heinrich Klaproth
That is the symbol of Titanium in the Periodic Table.
Yes it could be found in nature, titanium is found in all sorts of chemical compounds (with oxygen, tin, and chlorine, just to name a few), including those that constitute precious stones such as rubies and star sapphires.
William Gregor has discovered Titanium in 1791. What he discovered was an impure form of Titanium known as “Manachite”. At a later stage, it was a German chemist, Martin Klaproth who named it “Titanium”. The name Titanium was derived from Greek Mythology. Titans in Greek Mythology.
Titanium looks like Lustrous,white metallic, and bright shiny silver but not that bright. Also the matter of Titanium is solid.
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