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ELA Unit Four Cinderella Stories

No description

sarah stacy

on 23 March 2013

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Transcript of ELA Unit Four Cinderella Stories

Language Arts Unit
Aligned to Common Core Standards Four Cinderella Stories Four versions of Cinderella
Classic Cinderella
Cendrillon (Caribbean)
CinderEdna (Irish)
The Egyptian Cinderella
Each version from a different culture provided differentiation
Target Audience How was this version similar or different from the Disney movie and the other versions of the story? Assessment Differentiation Vocabulary
Rewrite Story
Literature Circles
Readers Theatre
Ability Grouping
Artistic, Verbal, Kinesthetic, etc Overall Four Cinderellas
Unit Critical Questions Unit Overview Hook - Disney Cinderella Clip
Day 1 & 2 Focus on classic version of Cinderella
Day 3 & 4 Focus on Egyptian Cinderella
Day 5 & 6 Focus on CinderEdna
Day 7 & 8 Focus on Cindrillon
Day 9 & 10 Compare and Contrast all versions 4th or 5th grade
Length 10 days
45 minute class periods -Background
Contrast What was a theme of this version? Was it the same as other versions? Theme
Standard Versions Classic Version

Vocabulary Presented
Below Grade level
Above Grade level
On Grade level
conduct The Egyptian Cinderella
Vocabulary Presented
-maiden CinderEdna
Irish Cinderella
Vocabulary Presented
-dainty Cendrillon
Caribbean Cinderella
Vocabulary Presented
-Shawl -Ongoing
-Post Assessment
-Pre Assessment Discussion
Entrance Slips
Exit Slips
Graphic Organizers Unit Test
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