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Khojaly Genocide

No description

alex sheppard

on 14 June 2011

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Transcript of Khojaly Genocide

history of how it happened chronology of events the effect on the world community parties involved Armenian and Russian military Citizens of Khojaly targeting The Khojaly Genocide By Alex and Asa backround KHOJALY GENOCIDE Feb 1988- Start of the nagomo-karabakh war Feb 1992- Khojaly has no electricity or gas Feb 25- The Armenian forces invade Khojaly Feb 25-26- The Armenian forces attack citizens trying to escape from armenian power Azerbaijan has endured ethnic cleansing Armenian nationalist-chauvinists for 200 years. The Armenian occupation is an example of Armenian barbarism and aggression Khojaly Genocide terrified journalists and publicists of russia, Georgia, Great Britain, France, Germany, the USA etc. Khojaly was used as a base for Azerbaijani forces of Stepanakert, and in turn was shelled by Armenian forces. Then in October right before the attacks Nagorno Karabakh forcescut the road connecting Khojaly and Aghdam, so that the only way to reach the town was by a helicopter.This way there was no escape and they could not get away, then they created a massacre. location/ specifics 613 people died, of whom 63 were children and 106 women and 70 of them elderly.
8 families were completely destroyed.
25 children lost both parents, and 130 children lost one of their parent.
487 people received serious war injuries, of which 76 of them were children A Written Declaration , authored by Azerbaijan, was signed by 30 members of the PACE, including members from Turkey , Azerbaijan , United Kingdom , Albania , Luxembourg , Republic of Macedonia, Poland , Bulgaria and Norway condemning the massacre of the entire population of Khojaly and destruction of the city by Armenians
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