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Documentation as a vehicle for professional development

Julianne Wurm

YourPrezi (PPG)

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Documentation as a vehicle for professional development

Documentation Julianne Wurm as a Vehicle for Professional Development
in Early Childhood Classrooms Purpose In this study I seek to examine the transformative potential that exists within documentation practices as they are enacted in early childhood classrooms. Using an on-line survey to collect data and Dr. Jack Mezirow’s (1983) theory of transformative learning as the theoretical framework, I will explore the links that exist between documentation of student work and its potential impact on the on-going professional development of early childhood professionals. Framing concepts What is documentation?

What is meant by professional development?

What is meant by transformation? How do these all fit together? Documentation Professional
Development Transformative
Learning collaboration time reflection motivation is understood to be the on-going learning of a teachers about
their professional practice once they have completed in-service
and have taken a position in a school/classroom. is understood to be the collection and analysis of artifacts to reveal patterns and support hypotheses for and about the learner. This includes teachers’ written observations, audiotapes, videotapes, photographs, and children’s two and three dimensional artifacts that render learning visible and accessible to interpretation and reflection. the ability to work in groups as they are conceived within schools, across subject
matter in loosely defined and self-directed ways. Collabroation is recognized as
a way to foster knowledge sharing and skill development. the process of critical self-examination as related to process, action and thought.
Reflection is defined as an intellectual strategy to look at and improve teacher practice.
(Bennett, 2007; Kraft, 1997; Dewey) the force that moves an individual or group to action
that may originate internally or externally. this refers to the resources allocated as measured
in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.
The availability or lack of time are also components
of the way it is understood for this study. Research
questions Do teachers report that there are benefits to
their practice as a result of documenting student work? 1 2 For those who report benefits, what benefits are reported
as a result of the documentation process to their work? 3 What overlap exists between teacher-reported benefits
to their own practice and aspects of Mezirow's
transformative theory? 4 Can benefits to teacher development be inferred from
the documentation practices as reported by teachers? Data collection: Online survey with a desired minimum 2,000 respondents and no upper limit. This will be considered exploratory and inference will be made from the results. “...the process of using a prior interpretation to construe
a new or revised interpretation of the meaning of one’s
experience in order to guide future action.” (Mezirow, 1996, p 162) This will be operationalized for
this study with the following
assumptions: transformative learning involves profound shifts in
our understanding of knowledge, the world and ourselves.

reflection is key to the achievement of transformation.

transformation is a process precipitated by experience(s)
or information that disrupts the current understanding.

transformation involves creating new spaces for critical
engagement and dialogue. 1 2 3 4 Redleaf Press 40,000-70,000
Listservs Reggio listserv 2,000
ECE mailring 2,500
Kindergarten mailring 2,000
Preschool listserv teachers.net 1,500
Researcher’s database 15,000 listening to children
sorting artifacts
display of final product
note taking
recording conversations
evaluating student work
conducting observations
re-visiting work in process
sharing with children
reflecting on process with colleagues
transcribing recorded conversations
reflecting with children Thank you! Illustrations: Paper: bittbox
Coffee cup: madtuts
Postit: bytedust
Coffee stain: SBOS, designsensweb, seegeekrun
Pen and pencils: Photo Dictionary, Blick Art Materials prezi by Peter Puklus http://yourprezi.com/
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