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Run DMC's influence on the African American culture

No description

Shaina McLawrence

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Run DMC's influence on the African American culture

Run DMC's influence on the African American culture
• Rap and its messages became more assimilated into the American mainstream following the trailblazing lead of Run-D.M.C.
My Adidas
Run DMC made a huge impact on fashion which is still seen today in the Hip-Hop culture. Run DMC recorded its devotion to street wear on the track “My Adidas”. Sweatshirts, track pants and trainers were appropriated by a generation of men and women who threw away the laces and decorated themselves with heavy weight gold jewelry in the 1980's.
RUN DMC was founded in 1981 by Joseph Simmons (Rev Run), Darryl McDaniels (D.M.C), and Jam Master Jay. The group is
Hip-Hop emerged in the 1970’s with artist such as Kool DJ Hero, Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash. With the foundation set by Kool DJ Hero and with the commercial success of the Sugar Hill Gang and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, many people began to recognize the potential of this growing industry in the early 1980’s and no one took more advantage of this situation than Run DMC.
Kool Dj Hero
widely acknowledged as one of the most influential acts in the history of hip hop culture.
• They broke racial barriers, working with popular rock groups such as Aerosmith.
• Run DMC were extremely committed to giving back to their community by going to speak to inner city youth at their schools.
Content of music
• Run DMC rapped about urban realities, they also were invested in spreading positive messages - pro-education, pro-voting, anti-gang and anti-drug - to help make change in the world.
• “Our image is clean,” Run said in a 1986 cover story in Rolling Stone. “I’m no sociologist, but we’re role models, man, big-time role models.”

Hollis, Queens NYC
European & African American Views
On TV (MTV /Saturday Night Live)
First group to make full albums, and inspired others.
Received Grammy nomination (popular) Influenced rap > pop music. Appeared in popular magazines such as Rolling Stone.
African View – influential as far as positive message>style of clothing (adidas/black hats/chains) 3 albums platinum, made appearances in movies such as the 1980's classic Krush Groove.
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