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Prayers for bobby 2

No description

Travis Peck

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Prayers for bobby 2

Prayers for Bobby
Suicide intervention for a young gay man

Before we begin
Stage 1: Lethality Assessment
Stage 2: Establish Rapport
1) Rapid series of meaningful events: family's intolerance, attempts at being “cured”, moving away. All the events are stressful and happen within a two? Year span. -> threat to identity and mental well being
2) Cannot modify stressful impact -> religion was his coping mechanism + family -> became the source of his tension/conflict
3) Confusion -> religious ID, “where do I fit in”, “am I a good person”, familial and personal identification. This was evident in symptoms
4) Evident in symptoms

5) Goes from sort of coping to dead (time frame?) -> doesn't exhibit some of the suicide warning signs but tried to reach out to boyfriend same night
An eclectic model throughout
Reasons for Living Inventory
No harm to others evident

Stress assessment:

Under chronic stress (type 2 trauma)
Negatively adapting
All 3 of Mason's causes?
Exhaustion stage
No PTSD, no Acute Stress Disorder evident
Change talk
Intelligent, driven, socially adept, likeable, giving person, self aware (save for self worth)
Coping methods:
family/friends, journaling, jogging, religion
Mom, religion, community, money
Stage 3: Identify Major Problems
Bobby's goal setting experience
Role play?
Stage 4: Deal with feelings
Stage 7: Follow up plan
Stage 5: Alternatives
1) Find reasons to continue living/be happier/freer (result of relationship question?)
Stage 6: Intervention
Suicide contract
increase self esteem
platonic gay friends (social group)
2. find a mentor
Find a church that's accepting of homosexuality (Walnut Creek United Methodist Church). And become an active participant in the church life

speak to pastor
4) repair relationship with family/mom
religious education
offer to be there while discussing it to mediate sort of
3) find religious identity that doesn't make him want to kill himself
Community Resource
Alicia Thomas & Travis Peck
20 yr old Bobby Griffith, living in Portland, Oregon (originally from Walnut Creek, California) has been struggling with his feelings of self-loathing and despair, stemming from the conflict between his homosexuality and religious beliefs. He had a strict religious upbringing at the hands of his mother (a devout Christian, with conservative, Presbyterian views), from which he was indoctrinated in the view that homosexuality is a sin and one of the most immoral things. When he was roughly 16 he came out to his brother after swallowing half a bottle of aspirin in a quasi-suicide attempt. He moved out of his parents' home to his cousin Debbie's apartment, following a period of increased familial tension and personal conflict. Last straw was his mother renouncing him as her son, telling him he wouldn't be welcome at the home anymore, which made him more seriously contemplate committing suicide.
Religious re-education
Taking suicide means away
Cognitive restructuring /defusion (prompts)

Journal reframing
Thought stopping
Role play

Major Depressive Episode Diagnosis?
Contract continues
Strategies for suicide prevention
Follow up appointment 1 month
Call us anytime
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