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No description

Patrick Linehan

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Yearbook

Consumption Producing the Yearbook Distribution Making the Yearbook The Product At the end of the year everyone's favorite day finally comes...Distribution Day! Maybe it is just us but there is nothing quite like the smell of opening the yearbook for the first time. We are a spring delivery book so our distribution is in late May. The Yearbook Our yearbook staff continuously works on the book from March to March (yes that includes over the summer).
We meet every school day in 229 during fifth and sixth periods.
Our theme is "Words Alone Won't Do." Chantilly Odyssey Want to purchase a senior ad for that special someone, a friend or a child? There is still time!
Go to http://www.fcps.edu/ChantillyHS/indexpdfs/SeniorAdForm1213.pdf
Print out the form, attach any pictures that you want, write a check and send it into the yearbook room. Still want to purchase a senior ad? There is still time!
Fill out this form and send it to our yearbook room as well as any images you would like us to put on our book!
https://word.office.live.com/wv/WordView.aspx?FBsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fdownload%2Ffile_preview.php%3Fid%3D291396417647025%26metadata&access_token=100000144853490%3AAVK_yB_3yuU7C0HVvdR9uXt6ujDqNSv_nXYLxYfze-RNhw&title=Business+Ad+Order+Form.docx Want to advertise your business? Our good friends at Herff Jones print our yearbook for us and we sell it to our students at a discounted rate.
If you would still like to buy your yearbook you can go to yearbookordercenter.com and enter our school code "4166."
Then follow the steps and you can pick up your book at the end of the school year. Herff Jones Production Plant Cycle Resources You don't want to be one of your only friends to not have one and then none of your friends can sign it. Plus you will be missing out on the book that defines the story of the year at Chantilly High School. Be sure that you have your book at the end of the year! HAGS! LOVE YOU GIRL! Can't wait to spend all summer together. XOXO I am so glad that we have had a great 4 years together. You are my best friend and I am so happy that we have grown so close! Never change!
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