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Darkling wasn't built in a day

No description

Guo Sen Foo

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Darkling wasn't built in a day

CS4343 In the beginning LocoRoco Gish Slurm De Blob What's the Challenge? Limitations of Unity3D Different Approaches Mass spring system Sphere rigged in Maya Unity3D Particle System No softbodies 3D model with baked animation Choice of Solution Attach rigidbodies to joints Cute Factor Respond to user abuse Speech Fatigue Trailing goo bubbles So? 2D Game Development Project Move like jelly 1-1 spring joint between rigidbodies How Darkling's body came about A 3D character that deforms to forces applied by player Stable structure metaballs Attach sphere colliders to rigidbodies Too gooey Too rigid Problems Bypass 1-1 spring constraint Spring value = 5, Damper value = 0.5 Swing deform Land deform Squash deform
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