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Resumes and Cover Letters

Rebecca Cooney presentation on job search, resume, cover letter and interviews

Rebecca Cooney

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of Resumes and Cover Letters

The hunt.
Cover Letters
Effective and meaningful cover letters MUST speak directly to the job posting - incorporating key words, core competencies and other requirements.
Resumes & Cover Letters
Starts with research
Look for jobs you QUALIFY for - not just those you think would be great. Collect all job descriptions and make some notes. Here is the process...
The job post.
Your resume should be professional, error-free, well-designed and current. It should speak directly to the job posting in both "Objective" and "Skills & Expertise" sections.
The student resume.
Skills & Expertise
Relevant Coursework
Work History
Awards & Recognition (optional)
Professional Affiliations (optional)
Special Interests (optional)
References note or contacts

Components and Customization
The cover letter.
Key terms...
• Online communications
• Corporate communications
• Brand
• Value proposition
• Vision, message
• Online properties
• Storytelling
• Content development
• Optimize, analytics
• Content development, writing
• Editing
• Creative
• Achieve maximum reach
• Enhance
• Blog posts
• Best practices

November 14, 2013

Attention: Hiring Official
City, State, Zip

Dear hiring official:

My name is Rebecca Cooney and I would like to formally submit my application for the position of Associate Manager, Online Communications with Ketchum New York.

I am currently a senior with The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University. I am graduating in December with a bachelor of arts in Strategic Communication with an emphasis in Advertising and a minor in Hospitality and Management. My curriculum is focused on the latest in managing and creating online properties, as well as social media, search engine optimization and integrated marketing. My studies also emphasize techniques in strategic planning market research and advertising.

As of December I am ready to enter the workforce I can fully apply my experience in online communication initiatives, brand development, content development, optimization and analytics, creative execution and measurement and writing for multiple digital mediums.

As I wrap up my education with the Murrow College, I am particularly proud of the work I completed in my advertising and strategic communications courses. Some highlighted experiences include developing, writing and designing an integrated marketing communications plan for a regional small business, serving on a team responsible for creative concept development, execution and measurement of a creative campaign for Client X and learning and practicing fundamentals in writing, editing and managing digital and social media engagement strategies.

Last summer I served as a junior account manager in a full-time internship with Agency X in City, State. My core duties included supporting senior account representatives in tasks such as research, writing, editing, client relations, vendor relations and media buying. I also contributed content to blogs, social media channels, websites, creative campaigns and advertising efforts for multiple clients including Company X and Company Y.

In researching your organization further, I have highlighted the areas where my skills and experience would be the strongest asset to your organization:

• Visual storytelling and writing for multiple mediums on print and digital platforms with the application of photography and video as appropriate
• Managing, optimizing and integrating multimedia into my personal blog
• Proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite with special emphasis on Adobe Premiere for video editing, Audition for audio, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator for design
• Generating and implementing key message strategies including the development of value proposition and core competencies
• Daily application, practice and monitoring of trends, new applications and tools in the digital spectrum

I have attached my resume and you can view my online portfolio at xxxxxxxx.

I appreciate the opportunity for consideration. Please contact me if you need further information.


As a
recent graduate
in The Edward R. Murrow College of Communications at Washington State University, I am poised to enter the workforce and apply my experience and strengths in communications, public relations, digital media, social media, Internet marketing, news, business administration, and nonprofits toward a professional position with an agency, corporation or organization.
As a
current student
in The Edward R. Murrow College of Communications at Washington State University, I am seeking an internship to apply my experience and strengths in communications, public relations, digital media, social media, internet marketing, news and nonprofits with an agency, corporation or organization.
Washington State University | Pullman, WA

Bachelor of Arts in Communication | May 2015

Communication major - emphasis in Public Relations
Hospitality Business Management minor

Skills & Expertise
• Organization and project management
• Attention to detail
• Excellent time and task management
• Eager to learn new things
• Quick thinker and adaptable to change
• Strong leadership skills
• Excellent Interpersonal skills and able to work effectively in a team environment
• Communicates effectively, verbally and written

• Media Strategies & Techniques
• Reporting Across Platforms
• Foreign Relations/ International Affairs
• Principles of Public Relations
• Digital Content Promotion
Awards & Recognition

Professional Affiliations

Volunteer Work

Special Interests

Dr. Prabu David, Professor and Associate Dean for Academics
Washington State University | The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication
(509) 335-0041 | prabu.david@wsu.edu

Dr. Bruce Pinkleton, Associate Director of the Murrow Center for Media and Health Promotion. Coordinator, Public Relations Internships
Washington State University | The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication
(509) 335-2795 | pink@wsu.edu

Dr. Jeffrey Luftig, Lockheed Martin Professor of Management
University of Colorado | Lockheed Martin Engineering Management Program
(303) 492-1591 | jeffrey.luftig@colorado.edu

References available upon request
Putting it together
Work History
by Rebecca L. Cooney, MSC
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