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FLQ- Controversy

The controversies that surround the October Crises

First name last name

on 31 May 2010

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Transcript of FLQ- Controversy

Front de libération du Québec
Active from 1963 to 1970 Responsible for fatal attacks OCTOBER CRISIS- THE CLIMAX
THE OCTOBER CRISIS a cell in the FLQ kidnap British Trade Commissioner James Cross october 5 Manifesto includes release of 23 political prisoners, a safe flight to Cuba or Algeria, and 500,000 in gold. The manifesto is read out louds in radios and published in the newspapers. Quebec Minister of Labour Pierre Laporte is kidnapped october 10 1970 Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau anounces the War Measures act October 16 1970 The war measures act gives the government sweeping power
Body of Pierre Laporte is found in the trunk of a car
October 17 1970 James cross is found and released from captors after they are given safe flight to cuba dec 3 1970 Last member of the terrorist cell involved in the kidnapping is caught report says that 497 people were arrersted, 435 people were released, 62 were charged, 32 without bail.
so was the war measures act justified?? first searches on google are mostly saying 'justified' for these reasons act was justified 1. was the only thing that could control the situation.

2, It matched the definition of when the War Measures Act should be deployed.
3. he wanted to keep the reputation of canada being a safe place and to prove that canada is an independent nation and could solve its own problems.
4. it was trudeau's responsibility to do his best to keep canada and its citizens safe.
The act was further justified when various important figures, such as the premier of Quebec, head of montreal police, and civic authourities asked for the War Measures Act to be deployed. fdfdf YOOOOO OH NO ANOTHER CONTROVERSY DD: Should Quebec be able to seperate from the rest of Canada? There are both Pros and Cos for this issue Pros of Quebec Leaving: We would lose 135 million dollars in debt. Conflicts over English speakers and French speakers would stop. Cons for Quebec leaving: Losing Quebec would mean loosing 7 million people and 16 percent of our landmass. The Maritimes would be cut off from the rest of Canada Canada would lose a part of it's culture Do you think that Government should be allowed extreme power in these kind of circumstances? should Quebec be an independent country? . The end..? VIDEO TIME!!one Maybe no more French? it supported the Quebec sovereignty movement.
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