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Succeeding With Grit and Effort

No description

Kristi Boatright

on 13 March 2016

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Transcript of Succeeding With Grit and Effort

Succeeding With Grit and Effort
by Paul Tough

Mrs. Boatright
Current Educational Trends

Cultivating Awareness

You made it to the top
of the mountain!
You have achieved the awareness level! You are on your way to embracing and applying the Growth Mindset and Grit into your lives. Perseverance, effort and a mindset to never give up through difficulties will help you be successful in your life!

What is Grit?
The Keys to Your Success!
Let's Talk About It!
Action Plan:
What is the Growth Mindset?
Don't Give
Train your brain to get smarter!
give up!

Strength doesn’t come
from what you CAN do. It
comes from overcoming
the things you once thought
you couldn’t do!
Rikki Rogers
It is hard to fail,
but it is worse
never to have
tried to succeed. Theodore
"Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it."Michael Jordan
I will present a weekly Poster to post on our walls. We will discuss the meaning of each quote and how it shows the Growth Mindset and Grit.
I am going to read "The Little Engine That Could" and I want you to think about the moral of the story and why it's important.
The difference between
the impossible and the
possible lies in a
person's determination."
Tommy Lasorda

Great works
are performed,
not by strength,
but by perseverance.
Samuel Johnson
Growth Mindset, Grit & Fixed Mindset Sorting Activity
You will engage in a Kagan Numbered Heads Together and work in your team to read the sentence strips that either portray a Growth Mindset and Grit or a Fixed Mindset.
Next, as a team you will sort these sentences into Growth Mindset, Grit and Fixed Mindset categories.
Then you will discuss why you sorted the sentences the way you did.
Lastly, I will select a number and that person from each team will present what sentences they put under each category.
Reflection - Quick Write -Reflect and write what you learned about the different mindsets and Grit. How can you apply Grit and Growth mindset in your own life?
Grit Growth Mindset Fixed Mindset
We can't change how smart we are.
We can change
how smart we are
by learning.
Failing at something
means we don't grow.
We learn from
our mistakes so
don't make the
same mistakes
Ability comes from
talent and not from
You say, "I give up!"
or "I can't do it!"
Learning requires
Low academic
Higher academic
Keep going when
it get's tough!

Stay focused on
the task.

When you fail you
get back up and try

You can learn
Let's look at the key points.
Here are the resources and materials I will use to help you develop awareness about the Growth Mindset and Grit!
Growth Mindset video
Grit: The Key to Success video
Classroom posters
Six envelopes filled with Fixed, Growth Mindset and Grit sentences to be sorted.
The Little Engine That Could by W. Piper
Kagan structures to help you have meaningful discussions with your teammates or partner about your learning.
Analyzing and Sorting sentence strips into Fixed and Growth Mindset categories.
Summarizing, critical thinking and reflections,
Making connections to your life.
Using videos to help you learn.
Visuals that will be posted as daily reminders.
Using the Prezi to help introduce the key concepts of the Growth Mindset and Grit to increase motivation.

The Following are the strategies you will engage in to learn and gain an awareness of what The Growth Mindset and Grit are:
Measures of Success!

In your team, I want you to share what you learned about the Growth Mindset.
Kagan RallyRobin
Let's Talk About It!
Kagan Talking Chips
In your team, I want you to share what you learned about Grit by using talking chips.
What do you notice about the Growth Mindset and Grit?
Kagan Timed-Pair Share
You will have 1 minute to share what you noticed about the Growth Mindset and Grit with your partner and then your partner will get to share for 1 minute.
Now that you have completed the
awareness level it's time to take
the Growth Mindset and Grit surveys

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