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Curfews in Afghanistan

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dom .

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Curfews in Afghanistan

Curfews in
By: Dominik A.

Why does Afghanistan have curfews?
What time is Curfew? and age requirements.
How long has Afghanistan been under Curfew?

What is a curfew?
A curfew is a rule that ensures people under a certain age/gender should be off the streets and back in their homes.
They should be back at a specific time of night/and or day.
Times are usually 6:pm or higher
A curfew doesn't have a specific time
it's when your parents or the law sets it to.
You will need to be in your home by that time
Curfews are made for your own safety.
Afghanistan has had curfews since riots broke out
night curfew was imposed since Afghanistan started having those riots.
because women are not allowed/supposed to be walking on the street alone at night.
Taliban put curfew on Afghanistan to make sure females don't wonder streets when guards are away.
anyone caught out past curfew will go to prison, pay a fine of ______ (This meaning any number) افغانی/پول or worse.
Afghanistan has been under Curfew for a long period of time now
Afghanistan has a curfew for all differnt types of reasons as:
Women not being able to roam the streets alone
age restrictions
gender restrictions
and last taliban law/s.
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