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Social Networking Garza

No description

amanda orellana

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Networking Garza

social networking •The ability for users to create their own personal profile pages What is a Social Network? They ability for users to create a list of “friends” or “contacts”
People You can Connect With •Family
• friends
• Co-workers
•Fellow students
• teachers
Types of Activities You Can Participate In Chat instantly
• Post status updates
• Send messages
• Get info
• Sharing/ listening to music
• Giving ur opinion
•Playing games
• Watch videos
•Look at pictures Who Sees Your Social Networking Profile? Only network friends
• Anyone on the network
• Anyone on the internet, including
• colleges
• Prospective employers
• Random people
Don’t Share SS#
• Home #
• address
• Date of birth
• Passwords
•Mom’s maiden name
Okay to Share E-mail
• hometown
• birthday
• Opinions
How to Protect Yourself Keep private information private
• You don’t have to “friend” people you don’t wont to
• Don’t feel pressured to give out information online
• Make sure you have anti-virus software
• Don’t click on links unless you really know what it is
• Remember, is this person really your friend
• If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is
What to do if you have issues? • Contact the social network directly and let them know what is going on
•Block or “unfriend” people who are the problem
• Remember if you are displaying too much information, you can change settings at any time to hide some of your information
Remember, anything posted to the internet is there… FOREVER
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