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The Life of Buddy Valastro

He is on Cake Boss

Lindsey Tedder

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of The Life of Buddy Valastro

Buddy has been married to Elizabetta or Lisa Valastro since 2001. They have four kids Sofia Valastro, Bartolo Valastro 111, Marco Valastro and Carlo Salvatore Valastro. Sofia was born in 2005, Bartolo was born in 2006, Marco was born in 2008 and Carlo was born 2/14/11. Carol's got his middle name after one of the family's most trusted employees that passed away January 30, 2011. He had been battling cancer. Carlo's bakery has been open since 1910. Buddy is the fourth generation baker. These are some of the amzing cakes Buddy made. Lisa Buddy's Wife Mary Sciarrone Lisa Valastro Maddalena or Madeline Castano Grace Faugno Reference page www.imdb.com/name/nm2941415/bio blogs.discovery.com tlc.howstuffworks.com templatica.net www.aoltv.com Info Images hoboken.patch.com Buddy's Family Hershey's cake Nascar cake http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/tv/cake-boss/about-buddy-valastro-sr.htm Buddy's dad passed on a snowy day on March 21, 1994. Buddy senior died of lung cancer. Buddy siad "My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer on my 17th birthday and died three weeks later. Buddy makes amazing cakes in memory of his father. Go here on Youtube to take a tour of Carlo's Bakery Cake Boss: Take a Tour of Carlo's Bakery The Life Of Buddy Valastro Buddy's dad passing Buddy's childhood Buddy was born March 3,1977 in Little Ferry, New Jersey. When he was born he had four sisters named Mary,Lisa, Maddalena or Madeline and Grace. His parents are Mary Valastro and Bartolo Sr. Valastro. Buddy is the youngest child. Buddy as a Teenager When Buddy was seventeen his dad died. Also when he was seventeen he quit school to work and provid for the family. When his dad died it put a lot of presure on him. He started working for Carol's in 1994. He was seventeen when he started to work at Carol's. As an auldt Did you know that the street that Carol's Bakery is on it's name is Carol's Way? Fun Facts http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlo's_Bake_Shop Carol's Bakery is located at 95 Washington Street in Hoboken, New Jersey. Location Cake Boss ( The T.V. show ) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cake_Boss The show started on April 19, 2009, it had four seasons following. There has been 116 episodes ( plus 5 specials ). http://www.sporcle.com/games/cakealicious/buddy-valastro When cake is delivered they say - who wants to eat some cake. The first girl that was allowed upstairs was Sunshine. The cake buddy prides himself in most is a wedding cake. Buddy says the hardest decorating technique is old school piping. Main Cake Boss Empolees main workers
Buddy Valastro, Mary Sciarrone, Maddalena Castano, Mauro Castano, Grace Faugno, Joe Faugno, Frank Amato, Jr., Lisa Valastro, Danny Dragone,
Stephanie Fernandez, Violet Valentin, Tatianna Dragone. Danny Dragone - works with Buddy he can ice cakes, rolls fondant, decorates, and bakes.
Stephanie Fernandez - AKA Sunshine she was Buddy's first intern also she is one of buddy's best decorators.
Violet Valentin - she is a cake decorator she started as a intern, She came across with a 'ghetto' feel because of the way she talks and it cracks everybody up.
Tatianna Dragone - is Danny's daughter.
Frank Amato - The baby is Carlo

The little boy on the left is Marco

The little boy on the right is Bartolo or Buddy 111

The little girl is Sofia http://newark.macaronikid.com/article/158527/a-visit-to-carlos-bakery-the-cake-boss
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