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Chapter 1 Leading A Healthy Life

No description

antonia pulido

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Chapter 1 Leading A Healthy Life

Antonia Pulido Chapter 1: Leading A Healthy Life Death in the Past and Death Today Controllable and Uncontrollable Risk Factors Major Causes of Death in Teens Compared to Other Age Groups Six Health Risk Behaviors 3 Behaviors I Can Adopt Now To Improve My Health Eat helathy foods Avoid Drinking and Smoking Try different kinds of exercises Sedentary Lifestyle Alcohol Use and Other Substances Sexual Activity Behaviors That Can Cause Injuries Tobacco Use Poor Eating Habits In teens the major causes of death are motor vehicle accidents, suicide, homicide, and other accidents Major Causes of Death in Other Age Groups Heart
disease, cancer, strokes and cerebrovascular disease, and respiratory diseases. What Teens Must do... Teens must make good decisions to live a healthy lifestyle and prevent getting serious diseases later on. Today, most health problems are due to lifestyle problems. Diseases due to life style are called lifestyle diseases. Diabetes Today The major causes of death in the past were infectious diseases caused pathogens such as bacteria. IN THE PAST... Controllable Risk Factors Controllable risk factors are risk factors that you can do something about. Uncontrollable Risk Factors Uncontrollable risk factors are risk factors that can't be changed or controlled. Section 2 Section 1 Spiritual Health Maintaining harmonious relationships with other living things and having spiritual direction and purpose. Environmental Health The environment includes air, water, and land. It is your surroundings. This is a healthy environment with good land and clean air. Section 3 4 Ways Society Adresses Health Issues Medical Advances Technology Public Policy Taxes for research to improve
public health. Education 3 Ways To Promote Health Make a PSA.
(Public Service Announcement) Be an Advocate You can volunteer at a local health clinic Spread The Word At Your School A PSA on sodas Physical Health Its about eating right, getting exercise, and having an appropriate body weight. Emotional Health Expressing your emotions in a positive, nondestructive way. a psychologist can help improve emotional health Social Health The quality of your relationships with friends, family, teachers, and others you are in contact with. Healthy social life Mental Health The ability to recognize reality and cope with the demands of daily life. It's also having high self-esteem. Optimal Health A person should always strive to achieve optimal health or wellness. This means having a good balance in all six components of health. Wellness helps to live a longer and happier life. Influences On Your Wellness Hereditary Influences Your health can be influenced by your heredity or the traits you inherit from your parents. Diabetes is an example of a possible hereditary disease. Social Influences Your health is influenced by the relationships you have with other people. For example, when friends influence you to drink, that is a negative social influence. Cultural Influences The values, beliefs, and practices shared by people that have a common background. Asian Culture diet. Environmental Health Your surroundings, the area where you live, and all the things you have contact with are part of your environment. Pollutants are an environmental factor that can affect your health. 3 Ways To Take Charge Of My Wellness Knowledge You can improve your health through knowledge. Health Literacy is the knowledge on health that can help you make good choices. Lifestyle You can improve your health by making behavioral changes in your lifestyle. You can put your knowledge to work and take charge of your wellness Attitude A person's way of thinking, or attitude greatly affects a person's health. How Can I Improve My Health? Do More Exercise
Think Positive at all times
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