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Last Trip Abroad

No description

Larraine Sinocruz

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Last Trip Abroad

LAST TRIP ABROAD, (1896) CHAPTER 23 From Dapitan to Manila Victim of Spanish Duplicity * España- steamer where Rizal boarded sailed northward; anchored at DUMAGUETE.
* Dumaguete, according to Rizal- spreads out on the beach. Some have big houses, some are galvanized iron roofing.
* Visited Herrero Regidor, Periquet and Rufina families in Dumaguete.
* España sailed to Cebu. Rizal was fascinated by the entrance to Cebu.
* In the morning of August 3, Rizal left Cebu going to Iloilo. * Rizal was not able to catch the mail ship Isla de Luzon for Spain.
* Rizal was transferred to the Spanish cruiser Castilla by order of Governor General Ramon Blanco. Rizal misses ship going to Spain * Fray Mariano Gil discovered the Katipunan plot to overthrow Spanish rule by means of revolution.
* the tumult produced by the discovery of the Katipunan plot was aggravated by the "Cry of Balintawak".
* Gov. Gen. Blanco proclaimed a state of war in Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, Batangas, Laguna, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija and Tarlac. Outbreak of the Philippine Revolution *Rizal received from Gov. Gen. Blanco two letters of introduction for the Minister of War and the Minister of Colonies.
* the two letters of introduction was identical.
*the day before he went to Spain, Rizal, on board the Castilla, wrote to his mother.
* Rizal was transfered to the steamer Isla de Panay. Departure for Spain *Rizal proved to be as gullible as Sultan Zaide.
*One of his greatest mistake was to believe that Gov. Gen. Blanco was a man of honor and a friend.
*the truth is that Blanco was his implacable foe, who regarded him as a "dangerous Filipino"
*Rizal was unaware of this that he was a deportee and was being secretly kept under surveillance. Capiz Iloilo Manila via Romblon Rizal in Singapore *the steamer arrived at Singapore in the evening.
*He went sightseeing the other day.
*Rizal wrote on his diary that there are more Chinese merchants than Indians. *Rizal did not heed the advice of Don Pedro to stay behind to take advantage of the British law. Rizal arrested before reaching Barcelona *Rizal happily continued the voyage towards Barcelona.
*He heard from the passengers that a telegram arrived.
*It reported the execution of Francisco Roxas, Genato and Osorio.
*A day after the steamer left Port Said, a passenger told Rizal that he would be arrested and would be sent to prison.
*The following day, he was officially notified by Captain Alemany that he should stay in the cabin until further orders from Manila. Arrival in Barcelona as a Prisoner *Being confined in his cabin, he wasn't able to visit the island when the steamer anchored at Malta.
*On October 3, the steamer arrived in Barcelona.
*On his second day in Barcelona, he noticed the city celebration of the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. *On October 6, Rizal was awakened by the guards and escorted him to Monjuich.
*General Despujol interviewed Rizal and told him that he would be shipped back to Manila through the steamer Colon.
*the steamer Colon was full of soldiers and officers and their families.
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