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Civlity in the Workplace

taking the steps to being civil

Kristen Brosseau

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Civlity in the Workplace

Welcome! The purpose of this training is to outline how civility
can make this a better workplace. CIVILITY DISCOURTESY Workplace Dilemmas:
Digital Communication What is cilivity? Be inclusive!
Try speaking with someone you've never liked
Summarize the content of a conversation for a newcomer
Welcome a new colleague by giving tips such as good places to eat Speak Kindly
Dont embarass or mortify
Civil conversation is no place for profanity
Dont speak ill Respect others opinions
"Yes I agree with what you are saying, but there are circumstances when..."
"Yes, but if you look at it from a different point of view..." Be agreeable :)
Agreeable conversations; considering that you may be wrong and having the ability to admit that you don't know something. Rediscover silence...silence is not necessarily a void waiting to be filled. Respect other's time
clear effective communication helps co-workers save time
respect deadlines
demanding immediate attention is uncivil and ineffective Dealing with rudeness in the workplace. Should you "give it right back"? No. Dont loose sight of your own standards of behavior Expressing yourself calmly allows you to stop a situation before it becomes out of control An individual may be offensive, rude, but anger is not groundless. Respond as though you understand where the person is coming from. Interrupting doesnt help, but saying "I can understand how this situation is frustrating" helps. Give them a minute to calm down. Question...if someone asks you for help should you say:

"I dont know, its not my department, there is nothing I can do." ? No. What can you say then??

"Ill try to find out for you"
"Let me call the supervisor"
"Perhaps we can try something else?" Is it ok sometimes to use sarcasm or start yelling at customers or fellow
workers if they are being rude? No. Are there things you can say to help a heated situation? Yes!!
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