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Cake Collections

4220 Final Project

Elizabeth Ater

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Cake Collections

World Voyager! Katie Layfield, Angela Pun, and Elizabeth Ater Sub-theme:
Military Safari Chic Sub-theme:
Oriental Opulence Brand Concept Logo and Signage CAKE Collections Product Categories Target Consumer Group H&M
Target Competitors TopShop targets college age women offering all clothing, designers, collections, shoes, swimwear, makeup, bags and accessories. The price range is a higher price point than our other competitors but we feel it is important to include TopShop because it's an example of what direction we would like to move into in the future. TopShop's mission statement states, " You know Topshop as the style setter and the star of your wardrobe, but over the years we've become so much more! From the charities we sponsor to our work at London Fashion Week , our love for everything fashion knows no bounds!" Target focuses on everything from clothing and house wear to food and medicine. Although we are not going for all of that at CAKE Collections, we do want to strive for the success Target has with keeping prices low in clothing and keeping it trendy. The target market is men and women, middle class looking for a bargain. The product categories are kids, juniors, women, and maternity clothing. The mission statement: "Our mission is to make Target your preferred shopping destination in all channels by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and exceptional guest experiences by consistently fulfilling our Expect more. Pay Less. brand promise." Colors and Fabrics Colors and Fabrics Colors:
Burnt orange
Mustard yellow
Military green. Colors
Hues of pink
Hues of purple
Yellow Fabrics:
Embroidered Silk (Jaquard weave)
Polyester Lace Inspiration Styles and Items Styles and Items Inspiration H&M Zara Forever21 Topshop Target Flat Drawings Flat Drawings Brand Positioning Maps Fall 2013 Fashion Forecast “CAKE COLLECTIONS” thrives to celebrate the style conscious, multicultural rounded creative shopper, at the greatest value for the most current fashions. Featuring new, exciting items in today’s always changing fashions is what we strive for to help you put your own personal look together to be a happy shopper. Logo: CAKE COLLECTIONS
Signage: The same logo will be sewn on tags in the clothing, on hang tags, and in the store display Women’s wear
Casual wear
Special occasion dresses Inspiration for CAKE Collections is actually the acronym for the creators names: Christina, Angela, Katie, and Elizabeth. This brand is a mirror into our own style and personality to help the target consumers, like us, find high quality, inexpensive, fashionable clothes, that are up with the latest trends! We understand these consumers the most and want to help them as they dress through college and start in the workforce and continue looking chic! About The Name H&M targets young, high school to college age students, and children who want affordable, trendy clothing, product categories include, women and men’s clothing, children’s clothing, shoes, accessories, beach wear, maternity wear, lingerie, sleepwear. H&M’s business concept is to "offer fashion and quality at the best price. For us, this includes that we want to do business in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable." Zara targets very stylish kids, educated-working aged men and women, middle to upper class income, product categories include men, women, kids, shoes, handbags, accessories. Mission Statement- “Through Zara’s business model, we aim to contribute to the sustainable development of society and that of the environment with which we interacts. The company’s commitment to the environment is included in Inditex Group’s Corporate Responsibility Statement, published on our website: The following are some of the objectives and actions included in the framework of the group’s environmental commitment and have a direct impact on our shops and customers." Forever21 targets young(children) and high school to college age students, with a budget conscious lifestyle, most trendy shoppers, product categories include men’s and women’s clothing, girls, plus size, shoes, accessories, Brand concept: “Celebrated by many style conscious and trend-savvy shoppers, Forever 21 has quickly become the source for the most current fashions at the greatest value. Forever 21 is growing quickly, featuring new and exciting store environments, a constant flow of fun and creative clothing designs and the accessories to make your look come together at the right price. A phenomenon in the fashion world, Forever 21 provides shoppers with an unprecedented selection of today’s fashions, always changing and always in style.” Price: low budget, very affordable. Embroidered silk pants
Hand painted print silk dresses
Kimono style silhouettes
Column style silhouettes
Origami angular designs and silhouettes
Rich elaborate pieces the new leopard
colored fur
black and white separates
the "it" layer
knew high boots
same print mixing
pink, pink, pink
overcoats, oversized
chic sweatshirts
winter whites
bokeh prints Fabrics:
Metallic Nylon
Doupioni Silk Military Safari Chic exemplifies the modern wild side of today's college students. Dark greens, khaki hues, and brown colors pull together our structured looks from feline prints to head-to-toe leather. Images from InStyle Magazine
Fall 2012, Spring 2013 and "The Animal Nursery" Pre-Fall 2013 by Carine Roitfeld (the booklet we included with our presentation board). Oriental Opulence exudes soft silks, bold prints, and sophistication. The Asian influence is quickly emerging onto the scene and we want to be your first stop to get this fashion! Images from InStyle Magazine
Fall 2012/Spring 2013 fur vests
leather skirts
leather jackets
camo pants
animal print dresses, shirts, pants, etc.
uniform style jackets Demographics: ages 18 to 30, female, college undergraduates and college graduates.
Psychographics: bargain shopper, trendy-savvy shopper, college budget, travelers lifestyle.
Geographical Regions: college towns throughout the South towards warmer weather but still cool enough to wear the fall and winter trends
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