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Transition to a Holistic Change

No description

Anirban Tvp

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Transition to a Holistic Change

A Society without Competition , War and Pollution A Holistic Social Change Madhyast Darshan- a
balanced view of life Changing The Values Aam Aadmi Party Changing the Political Structure Barefoot College,
Open Source Ecology Changing the Ecology Science with Human Values Changing the Science Collective Consciousness Changing Spirituality Earth Economy Changing the Economy Madhyast Darshan's Jivan vidya educational camps help us the learn the values necessary for the transition to our new society wherein we learn to balance our needs and wants in accordance with nature. These camps have been integrated into the existing syllabi of many established educational Institutions. Students as well as teachers are learning these values to shift their mode of decision making.Also see Alfie Kohn Arvind Kejriwal's Aam aadmi party seems promising in bringing a decentralized political structure which will give a big blow to the right wing politics and hence give a conducive environment for the transition related activities. Barefoot College and Open Source Ecology works towards experimenting with newer and sustainable methods at local village level to change the Ecology . Science today has been hijacked by Right wing Politics. That's why we see so many myths floating around in public discourse in the name of science. We need movements which creates a platform to remove the right wing bias from the actual science. Science should be delinked from the "Scientific Community" and handed over to general public via value based education. The right wing , reductionist science has tried to dismiss spirituality in order to pave the path for a mechanistic society. On the other hand, religious leaders has misused the term spirituality to increase their own bank balance. But spirituality must be understood as a collective consciousness which oversees the matter that the most important human values (like love, freedom, and change) remain intact. Teachings of Krishnamurthi and Osho can be be helpful . The Zeitgeist Movement Initiated by Peter Joseph is movement which calls for a bottom up redesign of economy which considers the earth as a single system. And with the help of the systems theory it hopes for achieving a world without money, barter or any kind of servitude. Adopting Relevant
Technology to eradicate
Bureaucracy School in the Cloud The "Hole in the Wall" project demonstrates that, even in the absence of any direct input from a teacher, an environment that stimulates curiosity can cause learning through self-instruction and peer-shared knowledge. Mitra, who's now a professor of educational technology at Newcastle University (UK), calls it "minimally invasive education."
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