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English for you!!!



on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of English for you!!!

Description of the project:
Mindmap the problem area
Brainstorm the problem area:
Putting their ideas into action!
Preparing for the future!
Watch the next videos
Students will have a document
on the computer desk...

* Who will get benefits from this completed research?
- Teachers and students

* Look for a solution.

* The specific participants of this situation are students of
1st year high school.

* The class environment should be comfortable and conducive
to student learning, and make it attractive and functional.

* Knowing more about this problem area will help others to see
an example of how to better exploit the institution’s available
resources, such as computer labs.

Inspire a child today!
Here, there are some links we will use to teach English of an entertaining way to our students.
About our school
The name of the school is Manuel Montt situated in Peña Blanca in the fifth region.
This project will try:

To level the English language.

To exploit resources already available at school.

* To help and motivate to students to find and see the connections between their learning and the real world.

To provide opportunities for students to participate in English of a entertaining way , encouraging the English language.
Life in Japan
The American

American Culture

•# To help students to improve in English language to meet the standards of the level they are at.

# Motivate students to learn English using alternative resources.

# Make enjoyable student – centered classes

# Students must be able to understand the documentaries, tales or any video related to the English language, without a translation.

... in which they will find a list of phrases that they could use to express their opinion during the lesson, especially after documentaries or tales.

They will have some activities to prove their comprehension such as questions, sharing opinions and summarizing ideas.

: at Manuel Montt school

: students from first grade of high school

because there is a lack in the English knowledge especially in this level.

: having remedial classes after regular classes watching documentaries to work with the basic skills.

Research questions

- Many students finish primary education and they decide to attend different schools.

- The project will be fulfilled at Manuel Montt School in Villa Alemana.

- It will be 2 hours per week (different days).

- Work in mixed-ability classes with students below level A1.

•- Students will watch documentaries applying three skills: reading, listening and then speaking..

1° To present the project to the school.
- Consists in 2 hours per week after finishing regular classes.

2° One week after to start the regular classes
- Diagnostic test, KET (Key English Test) from CEFR
(Common European Framework of Reference)

3° Identify the level of each student, according to the results of the test.

4° Select only students Below A1 level, where the 50% of them are going to learn in workshops experimental groups and at the end of the semester we are going to take the exam again to compare the results with the ones of the control group. If the new methodology was a complete success, it might be able to be applied in the future.

Justification of the significance of the project
Theoretical framework:

10 minutes of relaxation:
"Krashen Affective-filter hypothesis: This suggests that when learners are bored, angry, frustrated, nervous, unmotivated or stressed, they may be unsuccessful at learning a second language. This has very practical implications for language teachers: low their affective filter."

2- Work with the 25% of the
students (experimental group)

3- Students’ proficiency will be
tested at the beginning and at
the end of the semester.

4- Students will attend 2 sessions
a week at the computer lab in
order to watch documentaries and tales in English.

5- Document with phrases to use.

* Allow a significant and compressible learning to students from
first year of high school with a low level of the English language.

* Able to acquire a different approach in their learning process.

* Protagonists of their own educational process.

* Use a computer, where they will watch, listen and read documentaries, tales and others videos through the language of English.

* Students will not only learn the pronunciation and meaning of each video but also they will learn a variety of cultures from other countries, without being abroad.

Stephen Krashen
Paulo Freire
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