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Author's Purpose

No description

Henri Whitehead

on 30 January 2017

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Transcript of Author's Purpose

Author's Purpose
By Henri Whitehead
Author's Perspective
- the author's starting viewpoint, or outlook, or preconceived ideas.
Try to put yourself in the author's shoes.
Would you react the same way?
Any past experiences, biases, or gains?
Author's Tone
- shows the author's attitude toward a subject.
tone conveys good feelings about a topic. They show approval.
tone communicates bad feelings about the topic. It might show sadness, anger, cynicism, bitterness, sarcasm, weariness, hate, disgust, or a number of other negative emotions.
tone is neither positive nor negative. They avoid words that express feeling.
Author's Attitude
- conveys the author's approval or disapproval of a subject.
to persuade
: the tone is overly positive or harshly negative
to inform
: the tone is neutral.
to entertain

stories are meant to entertain even if they teach a lesson.
Author's Audience
- who does the author want to deliver his message to.
You probably use a different tone in a letter to your boyfriend than a letter to your principal.
- sometimes the author will hint at an opinion
Sometimes the author will even keep the tone neutral while hinting at strong feelings.
Author's Viewpoint
Author's Style
- the sentence structure and word choice that the author uses.
Nothing is written by chance.
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