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Russian Revolution

No description

Megan Mont

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Russian Revolution

The Russian Revolution 1917 Final phase of World War I Transformed Russian Empire into USSR Causes Inspired by prior revolts that had been unsuccessful. Wanted to overthrow oppressive government and start a constitutional monarchy. Unsuccessful involvement in WWI due to corrupt government. Collapse of czarist regime and rise of Bolshevik Party. Poor economic and industrial state of Russia. Series of two revolutions:
~February Revolution
~October (Bolshevik) Revolution February Revolution Removed Tsar Nicholas II from power. Develped out of a series of violent riots on streets of Petrograd, while Tsar was away from capital visiting troops on the WWI front. Famine and death due to the war. Duma warned the Tsar of the people's discontent, but he ignored them. February 24-25:
More workers joined the women, and it grew violent, with casualties in both the police and civilian forces. Febuary 23: International women's day, women in Petrograd lined streets calling for bread and peace. February 26:
80,000 troops were sent to put down the uprising. February 27:
Troops mutinied and joined the crowds, the revolution triumphed. February 28:
Duma takes power as the provisioal goverment. Petrograd Soviet forms, group of revoutionary minded workers and soldiers dominated by Menshevik party October Revolution Vladmir Lenin and Karl Marx Based on political ideology of Marxism Made the White army to go against the Red army All these movements were eventually silenced during the Civil War
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