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erika steinger

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of conventions

when music offfends
unit eq: does music censorship violate the rights guaranteed under the first amendment?
verb tense
Ms. Steinger is teaching the class. What is Ms. Steinger doing?
Mr. Liu is helping the students. What is Mr. Liu doing?


Yesterday, many students stayed home from school. When did the students stay home from school?
Right now, you are learning about conventions. When are you learning about conventions?


commas in a series
What is a series?
commas in a series
student model
exit slip
Identify and correct the error(s) in the statement below.
Lesson eq: how can you identify and correct convention errors to improve your writing?
Do Now: Identify and correct the errors in the statements below.

1. Yesterday, Mr. Liu watches a movie.
2. Next Tuesday, Ms. Steinger went to the gym.
3. She will played basketball.
Correct the following statement
My favorite sports are baseball basketball and football.
The letter "MTV Unplugged" by Miguel Vasquez is about why the author opposses banning MTV. First, Vasquez says that even he finds some videos ofensive, but he thinks banning MTV is a bad idea. Vasquez also explains that he would never protested a channel he didn't like. In addition, he writes that he supports free speech, which is why we can have music cooking and news channels. Finally, Vasquez asks others to fight the ban.
Check and Correct
___ Correct two comma errors.

___ UNderline one verb-tense error and correct it.

___ Circle two spelling errors and correct them.

Last night, I cook chicken rice and corn.
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