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John Wayne


Eric Kochenderfer

on 26 March 2010

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Transcript of John Wayne

John Wayne
Originally Born Marion Robert Morrison.
Born May 26, 1907 in Winterset Iowa.
His father was a druggest and moved to California to farm.
Originally, he went to play USC to play football.
While bodysurfing, he crashed and had to stop playing.
So, he needed money.
He started to act to pay for his college tuition.
Billing Names
Often studios would give their actors more official names.
Ex. John Wayne is more manly than a guy with the name Marion.
In the Movie " The Big Trail" he established his name John Wayne.
It is often said that their was little distinction between John Wayne and John Wayne.
Was an actor who could play many parts.
In "Stagecoach" he was a young and understanding
In "Red River" he was old and cynical
In "The Green Berets" he was proud and patriotic.
Orriganly, he got into the film, by moving furniture on film sets.
Gradulay, he got bigger roles in films.
It wasnt until later that John Ford found him and gave him greater positions.
In 1933 he fell in love with Josehpine Saenz. Originaly, the two were just set up for a blind date but eventualy got married and were married for 12 years.
Durring his career made many blockbusters such as
"West of the Divide"
"The Big Trail"
"'Neath Arizona Skies"
"In Old California"
"In Old Oklahoma"
"Flying Tigers"
"Sands of Iwo Jima:
"The Longest Day"
"The Green Berets"
More Marriges
In 1944 he met up with his second wife, Esperanza Baur.
Their marrige was quite rocky, and in it ended in divorce in 1954.
Only a couple of months later, he was married to Pilar Pallete.

Afterwards he continued making movies some of which were..."The Alamo, Red River, The Quiet Man, The Seachers, The Man who Shot Liberty Valance ( who included James Stuart), El Darado,
and Big Jake"
Continuing Life
In October of 1964, he had two ribs removed due to cancer.
Stared on shows with Bob Hope.
Won numerous Oscar Awards.
One of his last movies was " The Shootists" who stars with Ron Howard
Continued fighting against cancer and underwent open heart surgery.
He died the 11th of June 1979, due to Stomach Cancer, he was 72 years old.
His nickname was The Duke, Duke Morrison and Patriot.
He stood 6 foot 4" and loved his country.
Once Vietnam protesters ran up to him and waved the Vietkong flag in his face.
He responded " Please dont do that fellows. I've seen too many kids your age wounded or dead because of that flag, So I wouldnt take too kindly too it.
Once he said this the crowd cheered at him.
John Waynes beliefs were simply this.
"Respect your fellow man and you can count on him forever To hell with the rest. "
The End
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