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on 20 September 2017

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Transcript of DEOR'S LAMENT

First stanza:
Weyand was imprisoned by King Nithhad.
Weyland had physical restraints because he was an exile.
Weyland escaped from prison, killed Nithhad's sons, raped the King's daughter, Beadohild, and then he escaped.
The narrator emphasizes on Weyland's suffering.

Detail 2
Fourth stanza
Fifth stanza
It mentions the relationship between Ermanaric and his warriors.
It involves a separation of the king from the people.

Second stanza:
Third stanza:

The narrator mentions the brief and ambiguous affair between the unfamiliar lovers Geat and Maethild
It describes Beadohild's despair at being pregnant by Weyland.
Beadohild was suffering cognitive and spiritual suffering.
The narrator mentions Theodric's rule who was King in 471 CE.
It describes Theodric's leadership as "tyrannical rule and therefore makes troubles to the people,"
Last stanza
It explains that no matter how terrible a man's sorrow might be, it will pass.
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