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ARP 710A Reporting Survey and Interview Results

No description

Bri Hays

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of ARP 710A Reporting Survey and Interview Results

ARP 710A:
Reporting Survey
and Interview Results
Class Report Structure: Key Elements
Evaluation Design
Communication of Findings to Stakeholders
Report structure
Summarizing qualitative data
Displaying quantitative data
Drawing conclusions
Providing a context for your findings
Findings Section
Summarize the KEY findings
What were the most informative or interesting results?
Try not to write up every single data element
Stick to the highlights!
Group information in where appropriate
Summarizing Qualitative Data
Identify the themes that emerged from the responses
Provide quotes to illustrate specific themes
Describe the level of agreement between respondents by using phrases such as "there was considerable consensus" or "respondent attitudes toward the program varied greatly"
Summarizing Quantitative Data
Hit the highlights and try not to get lost in the details
Consider your audience: How can you make it easier for them to understand and use the information?
Use tables to summarize complex data
Use charts to illustrate differences between groups of respondents, across different time periods, or between item ratings
Leave the details to the appendix!
Drawing Conclusions
What are the overarching themes in the data?

What basic recommendations could you make based on the data?
Providing a Context for the Data
How do your findings relate to those discussed in the literature?
What are the limitations of the study?
What would you do differently next time?
References and Resources
Research Methods Knowledge Base

AACC Survey Toolkit

University of Wisconsin-Extension Excel Guide for Analyzing Survey Data
What Goes into the Appendices?
Survey instrument or interview guide
Distribution of responses/item analysis
Notes from interviews
Additional documentation as appropriate
Communication of Findings to Stakeholders
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