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Building a Computer

No description

nick pitrone

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Building a Computer

Limited Editon CSX Wraith Cosmos Full Tower Case.....299.99 Ultra X-WInd Full cooper heatsink
39.99 Corsair Dominator DDR3 Ram
157.99 NVIDIA nForce Mother Board
109.99 Mod Xstream Power Supply
84.99 Intel Core i7 930
Processor....299.99 Seagate Barracuda
7200 hard drive...54.99 Samsung SE Slim DVD
Writer (External)...49.99 KeyScan Color Document
Scanner Pc Keyboard...99.99 Microsoft Wireless notebook
Mouse...64.99 Creative Labs Sound
Blaster...29.99 Eagle Arion Et Bk Speakers
29.99 Microsoft Windows 7
299.99 LG 23 inch LCD Moitor
239.96 NVIDIA PNY Quadro FX
Graphic Card...792.99 Now Time to build... Open Case

Install Processor on Mother Board

mount Heat sink

Put in RAM

Mount Mother Board in Case

Put in Hard Drive, Media drive or any other tyoes of drive you may have

Put in your Power Supply

Put in Video Cards

Plug In mouse Priner and keyboard

Turn On computer and goto system setup

Install Windows 7

Restart System

Instal Extra Software and Applications

Tie cords neatly together with zip ties

close computer

So there you have it fast simple and easy steps to building a computer with a 3,000 budget.
Map Maker software...400.00 Tigerdirect.com
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