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Gun Safety

No description

Julia Cassani

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Gun Safety

Gun Safety Protection Hunting Hobby Conclusion It is safe to own a gun in a home if you keep it in a locked place away from a child or anyone uncapable of handling a firearm. Although a gun can be dangerous to keep in your house, it can also be very useful for protection. You never know what could happen, and it is always better to be safe by keeping a gun in the house. http://www.clipsyndicate.com/video/play/3534831/gun_safety We think it is safe to own gun in a home, only if you follow the rules of owning it properly. Owning a gun and keeping it in your home could be very helpful in many ways. For example, it could be used as protection, for hunting, or for a hobby. No matter what way you use a firearm you should always store it properly, clean it properly, and use common sense when using it. By: Madison Sherman, Julia Cassani, Samantha Morgan, Jimmy Gray. It is safe to own a gun in your home if you take care of it properly by cleaning it after every use. After using it there is left over gun oil and residue and that could cause a misfire. You could keep a firearm in your home for hunting. There are all types of guns used for it and over 60% of the United States owns a gun in their home used for hunting. It is safe to own a gun in your home if you have enough common sense to use it. When not firing the gun at that point, keep your hand off the trigger and the safety on. People could use guns as a hobby to practice their aim. There are clubs or teams you can join that compete in target shooting. Overall, any way you use a gun you should follow the proper precautions to make sure everyone is safe. Thesis We think it is safe to own a gun in your home, only if your follow the precautions of staying safe with it. For more information- http://www.dshs.wa.gov/pdf/ca/gunsafe.pdf
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