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Leasing - Essentials of Closing

No description

Bradley Carver

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Leasing - Essentials of Closing

Essentials of Closing

Leasing Training
Definition: When you invite the prospective resident to lease and
become a resident of the community

You have just one shot to make the difference between happily-ever-after, and "oh-it's-just-some-place-I-took-a-tour-at-once".
Buying signals are those little things
the prospect says that give you the
feeling they will sign a lease.

Use those to your benefit!
When a prospect resists a close, probe a bit further.

Ask, "What can we do to make this decision easiest for you?"
Ask for commitment directly.
Create a sends of urgency to compel the customer to make a commitment
Show the money they will save by signing a lease with you
Closing the Sale
Why is Closing Important
Do Not Fear Rejection
Direct Close
Economy Close
Fill out the Paperwork!!
Alternative Close
Act as if the prospect has already decided to sign a lease, and the only question left is which of a limited number of options they should choose.
Direct Close
Always Be Closing
Successful closing is a process
Find out what is important to your prospect
Watch for Buying Signals
Other Closing Essentials
Answer all questions

Be confident in your property

Come into the tour with the thought that they are going to sign a lease
Fab 5 Closing Techniques for New Prospects
Direct Close
Urgency Close
Economy Close
Alternative Close
Team Close
Would you like to take care of the paperwork today?

Can we reserve your spot today?

Are you ready to sign you lease today?
Team Close
Utilize a team member or manager in the office to help you close the prospect.
Every tour or call should include a direct close

Be careful not to utilize the direct close too early, as it is a very "yes/no" type of response that you will receive.
Urgency Close
We only have one B1 left with a pool view and two other people toured for that floor plan this morning.

We will not be offering the Look and Lease special much longer.

We have already sold out of one of our floor plans and the others will sell out quickly.
Urgency Close
Main ways to add urgency:

Limited-time special
Property filling up
Their specific floor plan is filling up
Rates going up
Gym membership
Gas and on-campus parking (if on bus route)
Coffee every morning (if provided)
Would you prefer the 3rd floor or the 1st?
Do you prefer building 2 or building 6?
Would a 2 bedroom or a 4 bedroom work best for you?
Alternative Close
Numer of alternatives should be limited

Too many induces confusion and stress
My fellow team member, Brandi, is also a biomedical engineering major and studies a lot... Brandi, do you have trouble studying at night?
Le me introduce you to our manager, Jason, he loves to meet new residents!
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