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What to do with School Supplies?

1st day of school - putting things away and getting kids organized.

Christy Dudley

on 23 August 2016

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Transcript of What to do with School Supplies?

1. Both packs in the blue tub that says index cards.
Disinfecting wipes
go in the closet with the purple tape
Please put in the brown cabinet on the third shelf.
These are for Math,
English, Science, &
Bible...those teachers
will tell you how to label.
These go in ...
your pencil pouch and shoe box.
1. Is your name on the outside?

2. Is your assignment book in the binder?

3. Is your pencil pouch in the binder?

4. Are your dividers in the binder?

Let's get check on your
Brain Binder....
1. Colored pencils
pens - not both
2. One highlighter
4. scissors
5. 2 or 3 pencils
6. 1 or 2 red pens
7. pencil sharpener
8. sticky notes
9. hole reinforcers
Now, check on your zipper pouch...
Put the zipper pouch in the front pocket of the Brain Binder...if it isn't already.
1. Label the one inch binder: Science
Make sure your name is on it.

Are 6 dividers in your Brain Binder?
Please put in the tub marked
Put in the brown cabinet on the top shelf.
Anything extra...you can keep in your shoe box. Put your box on the black cart in the back corner of the room.

Pick up an index card from the table in the corner.
1. Name
2. Locker number
3. Lock combination

Put in the basket on my desk.
Time for some writing!
You will need your......
Brain Binder
Marble composition books
What will you take to your classes today?
Are your dividers labeled?
Bible Science
Skills of Success History

Your teachers will tell you what to do with the composition books when you get there.
What do I do?

Put your expo markers in the
basket marked Expo. These will
be given to the teachers that
use them...so you don't have
to remember to bring them.
Get out a sticky note from your pencil pouch.

I am going to give you your seat for chapel. This
will be your seat for the entire year. Please write
the letter and number I give you and stick it inside
the front cover of your Bible. Don't lose it.

Every Thursday when we go to chapel you will go directly to that seat.
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