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Mkt 352

Job Expectation Analysis

micaela cason

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Mkt 352

What are YOUR career expectations after YOU graduate? Benefits Students Are you choosing the proper major? Advisors Finding the right classes that inspire passion. Professors Create interest and foster discussion Employers Creating the best fit between a job
and a potential candidate Secondary Research December 2009 Graduates
Internship Data Amount of Internships
43.8% never had an internship
30% had one internship
25% had 2+ internships
1.2% did not report back
Paid vs. Unpaid
34.5% paid
65.5% unpaid Credit vs. No Credit
67.5% credit
32.5% no credit
Quantitative Analysis Qualitative Analysis " At WP, they REALLYpush Sales!" "It's just a general business degree." Students' Perception of Marketing Degree at WP Carey "I thought it would be more Advertising and Promotions." Some students feel confident that with a Marketing degree they can develop a career in any area of business
A Marketing student now doing a Finance internship believes he had a good career coach from Career Services that helped him realize that he was probably more fit for a finance career. Recommendations There should be more interaction between alumni and students. Make internships mandatory for all business students before their Junior year.
Have students meet with a Career Coach as opposed to an Advisor before they begin their university career. Raise awareness to students of a majors' future career environment. BusinesssWeek reported:
Average Salary for 2005 graduates = $40,777 BusinessWeek reported:
14% of 2005 graduates took jobs in Marketing/Sales
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