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Text Features & Mind Map Activity

Reading & Writing Across the Curriculum

Pam Gregg

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Text Features & Mind Map Activity

Charts & Graphs
Charts and graphs are a common way to relay data to readers. Authors use graphs to support their claim, research, etc.
A visual representation of a location.
Non-Fiction Text Features
The name of a literature or artistic piece. The title of a text can tell the reader a lot about what they are going to read.
Text Features
Key or Legend
A reference in a map, book, picture, etc.
a set of data arranged in rows & columns
A visual representation of a person, place.
thing or event.
A drawing that reprsents a person, place or thing.
Represent a new section in a text, they are used to organize a paper.
Subheadings expand on a heading
they are also used to organize a paper.
a short sentence around a picture, that explains what's happening in the picture
a short, often boxed, set of text printed alongside a longer article that offers additional information.
Numbered List
a list with the order expressed by numbers
Bulleted List
A list with symbols before it
Table Of Contents
A list of chapters or sections & page numbers in a text.
an alphabetical list of words and definitions
for a specific text.
A listing of topics and words in a book, arranged in alphabetical order
The notes at the bottom of the page, that tells denotations
a note or reminder in the margin of text
Bold or Italics
A type of text that is thicker
or slanted to catch the readers eye.
A typeface that stands out by being a little slanted
A typeface that stands out by adding a line underneath the word
Text features are important because they help us to understand expository texts better.
Maps are commonly seen in what
kind of expository texts?
Your task:
Create a Mind Map of the different text features. Would you organize them differently than the way they did for this Prezi? Use p. 41 in your Learning Log or large paper to create your mind map.
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