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Hamlet. You know, the play. That one.

Peter Flynn

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Hamlet

HAMLET or: Just Make Up Your Damn Mind Already Characters Polonius Ophelia Laertes Hamlet King Hamlet Gertrude Claudius Horatio The Prince
of Denmark.
When the play
begins, he is
mourning the
death of... who appears as a
Ghost in the castle is also very upset
at his mother... who has recently
married... who actually killed.... discovers this from
the ghost of and vows revenge on... his brother. is in love with but her brother... and her father... do NOT approve. Hamlet decides to
"put on an antic
disposition" Telling only his best friend... Hamlet is stuck between
ACTION and THOUGHT And in the play's most
famous speech, cannot
decide if he should
kill himself. listen for yourself
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