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Investment 01: Prewriting Collaboration

No description

Justine Hiatt

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Investment 01: Prewriting Collaboration

Investment 01: Prewriting Collaboration
By Justine Hiatt and Jackie Glosson
Convenient, teaches responsibility, teaches computer skills, can help you make up a credit you need or give you an extra credit; you can take classes not offered at your school, you can have a more flexible schedule; don't need to attend a physical school. You can work on it any hour of the day. If you don't like a grade you receive for something you can retake it. You can use your notes for your assignments.
Prewriting is beneficial because it allows for greater creativity, idea flow, and allows organization of those ideas- all can help a person think clearly and communicate ideas efficiently. When a person falls behind in a traditional school, it can be very hard to make up missed credits while keeping up with the required classes you are already taking so online school makes it a flexible, easy way to make up courses. If you are a motivated individual then you don’t have to take four months to complete a class, instead you can choose an online class that allows students to finish courses as fast as they are able to complete the assignments. Students enrolled in online classes may be capable of earning their diplomas and go to college one or two years ahead of their graduating class. A huge thing I would like to add to why virtual school can be a great impact on a student is bullying. When a parents or student has decided that their current traditional school is too much for them they can withdraw and know that they have other opportunities. Online school can be a permanent academic home for teens or a temporary solution while you try to find a different traditional school to attend so that the student feels protected. All and all some students just simply lose focus on their education and what is really important when surrounded by distractions at a traditional school, online courses can put a student in the right track and focus on academics and save socializing for later. It’s a easy, creative, convenient way to get back on track in school or stay on track in academics.
Teaches out of
school skills
Offers different
More flexible
Teaches students to
pace themselves
Can help make up a credit you need to graduate
Students don’t need
to attend a
physical school
Teaches computer
Can offer classes
not otherwise available
Students can work
at any hour of the day
Teaches computer
Can offer an escape
route or temporary
solution for bullying
Teaches not only the curriculum
but also how to express what
you’ve learned orally with a
teacher during DBA’s
Students can re-do
assignments they
receive bad grades on
Students can use notes
for their assignments
Gives opportunity to graduate from high school earlier than your graduating class
Can teach you organization,
and how to schedule your life by making time for the assignments while also living your life
Gives you the capability of taking only classes you want to take, classes aren't chosen for you.
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