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Romes Development

No description

rachel meissner

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of Romes Development

Romes Development : Political
753 BC-476 Bc Monarchy to Republic

2.) Republic to Empire 3.) Empire to Devided Empire

4.)Divided Empire to Barbarian Kingdoms

The Romans threw out an evil king and said that they would be a republic.

Julius Caesar came and made himself dictator for life.
• after he was murdered, his adopted son
Augustus took over rome.

• he was smart enough to not end the republic
and declare himself emperor,
• but most historians agree that he actually was
the first emperor.
• thus, the beginning of the roman empire.
• Octavian formally “handed over” his power to the Senate,
which then “voluntarily” gave it back to him in a new legal
form, officially
declaring him the leading citizen, instead of dictator, king, or
triumvir; he was henceforth called Augustus (“the revered

• absolute power was in Augustus's hands,
• but this was concealed by his use of the old governmental
forms; although Augustus's rule is often termed a principate,
• he was actually the first of the Roman emperors, and the
beginning of the Roman Empire is officially dated at 27 BCE.
• The Roman Empire controlled approximately 6.5 million km²
of land surface.
• Diocletian ( A roman ruler at the time) Established the practice
of dividing authority between four co-emperors, in order to
better secure the vast territory.
• During the following decades the empire was often divided
along an East/West axis.
• It was devided into two sections. The West roman Empire and the East Roman Empire. Alaric (King of the Visigoths) invades Italy in 400 AD.
Imperial residence transferred from Rome to Ravenna in 404 AD.

Visigoths found a kingdom at Toulouse in 415 AD.
Odoacer, barbarian general, deposes the last Western emperor, Romulus Augustulus The End
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